So I am finally over the dreaded bug. The plus outcome, I have finally lost a stone now..

Moving on. I have been back in my home town this weekend, it’s nice coming home to family, my old room, friends and home cooked food. Did a bit of shopping with  the mother, pictures to come one day, and even got Richard a few things too!

But best of all I got to spend some time with my nieces. Now below we have Amelia, I was unsuccessful at being able to get a picture of Eliza, she was just to quick for me. There little bow clips were the cutest though with my little ponies print on. It occured to me that this will be the thrid time this year that I have seen my family, living across the country can be quite difficult but we have fun when we go back.



But here’s a quick picture of the both of them with my dad, (Bampi to them) We are totally in the age of technology, as they were sat on his lap watching nursery rhymes being sung on You Tube on his Mac.


Just a quick one of my granny, was lovely to see her as its been a while. and her and Richard always have a good chat about history. Looking lovely in blue as always. Plus she is going a little deaf, and it’s more then entertaining when she gets things wrongs and just giggles.


 My nieces officially dress cooler then me. I couldn’t get over how cute the baby Converse were. Only two and already fashion trend setters. Glimpse of rabbit in there too.


 My mum, (Grandma) playing with the twins, mum got these really cute vintage puzzles from a charity shop, and they are to die for. It was also fun hanging out with the rest of the family, and excited to know that my other brother is now expecting! Babies every where.

So we got to see them on Sunday evening and on Monday as my mum babysits them, but when we aren’t catching up with family or chasing around the twins and dogs,we  like to go to Dobbies for coffee, and to my old work place to see my bestie, which often entails me sitting on reception for 30 mins waiting for her to come off pool side.It’s a little break for me and Richard when we go and for some reason we like to sleep. Sounds silly but  me and Richard age 60 years when we go back to my home town, and take quite a few naps, and just chill. Maybe it’s our bodies storing energy for when the twins come over.  Who knows.

While we were back  me and Richard re-found our youth in Lego, (to an extreme) and spent a small fortune on the new Simpson Lego people (not the house, I wish) and I even got a little Mermaid set too. Not going to lie, was stupidly fun to sit on the floor and build our Lego sets.

Isn’t that just insane???


 Anyway I will leave Richards Simpson figures for another day, because we have discovered an epic way of displaying them!!

Ciao for now x



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