When inspiration strikes me for a great new decor design, I seem always to struggle to find the bits and pieces I need in the stores. It’s so easy to get disheartened and give up on your ideas. But if you don’t mind putting in a little bit of time and effort, you might be able to make your own decor pieces from scratch. That way, you can get exactly what you envisioned and bring your ideas to life.
Start with a colour palette. It might be a shade you’ve only seen on the internet, or it might be a colour in one of your favourite photographs. I’m getting quite engrossed in pinks right now. There are plenty of ways to bring your favourite tone into the room. I’ve got my eye on a few ideas for wall art. But if you take a photo you love, you can use an art editing app to push the colours you love. Then send it to your local printers to make a big print or canvas.

  Oh happy day

Drapes, curtains and blinds can be altered or even created from scratch. You can find an online supplier like ebony Craft to provide you with ribbons and trims in the colours you want. These can then be sewn onto a neutral coloured blind to add the splash of colour to suit your new decor. Alternatively, why not grab some material from the haberdashery store and create the whole thing. There are plenty of decorative items you can add from the craft store that will make any design pop.

  Puravida bracelets

Homecrafted ornaments offer a unique opportunity to get creative with your design. You might use items from a craft store, you may be quite handy with sculpting. Perhaps you already have some items you love the shape of. You can then use special arts and crafts paint to bring out the colours you want for your decor. Or maybe you can build a three-dimensional frame around the ornament that is painted in the colour you choose. Why not cover it in fabric?

  Pop Sugar

I love cushions, but sometimes, a change of colour isn’t enough. I want interesting shapes and textures for my soft furnishings. Making a cushion is one of the easiest projects you can take on. All you need is some furniture or soft toy stuffing. Create the cushion cover from your favourite material. You might choose to sew together several different patterns or textures to create more interest. Add some trim or lace to accent the edges before installing the zip.

You can also decorate sofa throws to bring out the colours you are using. Neutral fabric sofas can be transformed by adding a trim around the bottom or to the edges of the arms. Use contrasting textures. A ribbon is ideal for this. A staple gun or even fabric glue can be ideal for this. But if you’re not sure you will stick with it for long, sew on some string ‘belt’ loops to thread the ribbon band through.

I love changing colours and refreshing my decor quite regularly. It helps boost your mood too! See what you can create today.