So we have had an offer accepted, everything has gone through, and we are looking to move in in July, pending no complications. it’s pretty exciting/terrifying. I never really considered how much of a big deal buying a house was…crazy stuff! But one thing is for sure…I’m bloody excited to not be living in a magnolia plain old box!

So i’ve spent the last few months, trailing the endless world of pinterest, and I’m super excited about decorating our very first home! I thought i’d share some of my inosiration so far.


Lots of us decorate our homes to suit our tastes. If you love interior design, yo probably go for bolder choices, or a certain era. You might portray this with artworks and colors. Or maybe you have some characterful furniture or ornaments. I don’t think I have a specific colour palette, or era in mind, but I have some rather specific features I amd going to incorparate within the house.

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I love the idea of a statement wall like this, incorporating the door too. Maybe in archers room, where fun and play will be the main theme! 

Sometimes we want to create a particular mood or atmosphere in the home. Perhaps you’re entertaining or having a romantic night in. There are many ways to create more atmosphere or set a mood in a room. Start with your choice of lighting. If you want to add a romantic touch, consider softer lighting options. Table lamps and fairy lights offer plenty of light without being stark and bright.


You might choose to light some candles or the fire. But having soft lighting around the edges of a room helps to create more atmosphere than flames alone. Think about lighting upward to create effects on the walls. Low-level lights help enhance the mood of the room, without increasing the brightness to uncomfortable levels. You want something subtle that offers a glow rather than intense shadows.

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Soft furnishings can also go a long way toward creating the mood or style you’re looking for. A minimalist look can offer a fresh, clean, and efficient feel to the room. Dozens of mixed cushions in different sizes can provide comfort, coziness, and warmth to a room. Soft furnishings are quick and easy to change or remove. This means you could create a different atmosphere and style in just a few seconds.


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Flooring is another way to create a particular feel to the room. Hardwood floors offer style and elegance for any room. Add a thick pile rug, and you have all the warm comfort you need for a cozy night in. If the rug is bright and colorful, children will love to sit there and play. Sometimes your choices for decor can be practical as well as stylish.

  Sight unseen 

Of course, changing the color of the walls can take a lot longer than swapping out some cushions. Accent walls can help create just the mood you’re looking for. Colors often have hidden meanings. Unlocking them, could offer you the chance to create just the atmosphere you’re looking for.


Having a stylish home is important to us all. But sometimes we also want to create a special mood or atmosphere to a room. Bring a little bit of you to your interior design.