Ok so even though I was given more antibiotics for my ear, I now have another infection in my other ear, such a pain. So Thursday morning me and Richard made our way to the Pharmacy to ask for directions to the nearest hospital.  The lady was very sweet and printed us out a map, and to be honest I was assured by my mother who said that the likely hood of them speaking English was quite high as all doctors probably trained in a big city..Well they didn’t.

We arrived at reception and told by a women who spoke very little english to go and press a button. The button which was hidden, was at Triage and I was then prompted by a nurse who blurted something out in Italian, and then after seeing mine and Richard’s blank expressions went english?, 1 second. This excited me, surely she spoke english…. After waiting for 10 minutes her and another nurse brought me into a room. Where I am asked questions. There’s a ticket system here you see. red for dying, yellow for dying in 30 minutes, green for not quite dying, and two other colours I couldn’t remember but were along the lines of see them in a couple of hours, and they are faking it. I was given a green ticket after having to point to my ear, show them my passport, write my address out and speak very slowly some of my symptoms. We got there though, and I was given a lovely little band to wear on my wrist, sporting a green ticket..

Hospital, Italy

I then decided it would be best to draw a diagram, just incase my doctor doesn’t speak english.. So here is my drawing of the week, which I haven’t done in ages, I know..I have a bunch to scan in though so expect a big post soon..but I digress, this is my diagram of what was wrong, and previous medication..

Hospital diagram

45minutes later I was seen. Luckily the diagram as stupid as it looks worked, as neither spoke english, and the diagram was my only communication. In no time at all my ear was being examined, I was given some paperwork for a prescription and a receipt thingy that we had to scan in a pay. So that was fun, speak soon, with less dramatics I hope xx