House plant’s that are hard to kill.

Ok I love plants, for rented spaces it’s a great way to add some decor and spruce up a space! I don’t always have the best luck with plants as finding the right amount of light/shade and  just generally keeping them alive can be difficult, after lots of research and personal experience I have found some plants that are pretty durable. It’s my mission to get some new plants for our home, I don’t have a green house anymore and only have a small garden, so my green thumb has been lacking this summer, so before the baby comes I want to finish off the house (obviously) and get some greenery overload going. This is the first of a couple of post I am doing on plants, I won’t spoil the excitement for you though! So to my list of plants that I believe are pretty hard to kill.




Ok so first easy plant to keep alive…cactus. I have a big love for these little beauts, they need very little water, and can thrive in pretty much any conditon..honestly. My house in Essex was super damp, they lived. My mums house is super warm, they lived my house now is normal..they still live..

ficus elastica (pepperomia)


Rubber Tree (Ficus Elastica Robusta). I think my mum has one of these, and it’s lasted like my entire life..They are technically a tree so you need to keep it trimmed to keep it small..otherwise they can get rather large…but the leaves are so green…I love it.



Zee Zee plant ( zamioculcas Zamifolia). Really hard to kill this plant, but it is poisonous if ingested by children or pets, so good one to keep up high. It can grow quite big but it does take a while, plus I love how cute the leaves are.



Split leaf philodendron ( philodendron bipennifolium). I think i’ve got those name right.. I would love love love one of these plants, they are just so pretty and would add some lovely texture to any home.



Snake plants ( Sansevieria trifasciata). These guys are so easy to maintain plus they aren’t overly expensive either, so a great plant to put in your house!


Guiana Chestnut (Pachira aquatica) Now I think my mum has one of these, and it’s huge and glorious. The stem itself its a feature with its twisted bark. I love this plant.



Succulents are so pretty, come in so many different colours and shapes and best of all they are pretty hard to kill. If they do die, just clip one of the leaves off and you can grow another succulent from that…so handy.

So there are some plans which are fool proof. Next time I look at plants for the budget conscious as we know how expensive plants can be! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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