How a baby affects your home

IMG_4631 Can’t believe Arch is nearly 4 months old! Doesn’t he look cute! If you want to follow all the various pictures I put of him up, check out our Instagram page.


I honestly think I deserve the award of Most naive, when it comes down to having a baby. I never really thought about things after pregnancy. Of course I knew I’d have this littler person that would take up most of my time and love. But I think everything else just went over my head. I was convinced that after giving birth I would bounce back and feel my normal self again, when in fact 4 months on and I’m still getting over pregnancy and labour. Plus I never imagined how it would affect my home.

Richard works 13 hour shifts, with a 6 day on work schedule. For those 6 days I find myself in survival mode. Eating when I can… Often toast, and slowly covering my lounge floor with baby clothes and toys. By day 6 I’m completely wiped, but his day’s off  see me rushing around to deep clean my home in time for the next 6 day pattern and work on my commissions and blog. It’s pretty exhausting… Why did I think I’d have a baby and automatically fit into this perfect routine?

Right now I’m in bed working, after I spent most of the day with a snotty arch, who has a cold. He’s was so moody because he was tired, but would he spit out his dummy so he could breathe properly and sleep…nope! So instead of taking naps today we played, we read all about planes about 20 times, and we snuggled while watching Despicable Me. He’s now blissfully sleeping next to me in his basket..and I know it’s all totally worth it. But I can’t help thinking I want to go from survival mode to living mode.

Obviously…if someone could sponsor a maid for me for a few years that would be great cheers. It’s also recommended that you look at experts like Xtreme Clean to help get your carpets and other features back to their best. If someone could sponsor this too…that would be great.

Build A Home Office

I have half an office, but I am considering clearing all the boxes from my side so that I can keep all my work crap  tools in one area, thus hoping to declutter the rest of my house. Plus on evenings like now when I have put Arch down early for bed I can be in the room next door where I can hear if he wakes…we havent got a monitor yet..I know I’m just super unorganised right now. But anyway for those of you building or decorating a home office hopefully these inspirational tips should help you…and yes I’m aware I should follow my own tips.

Make Life Easier

I still think a maid would make my life easier, or having any set of parents living close enough so they could step in at a minutes notice. But apparently, if you can make daily tasks a little more comfortable and efficient it will give you more time for those other tasks. So for example, by  increasing the water pressure to improve your showers, you can save yourself time and energy…unless like me you barely get to shower because your child hates the bathroom, and screams when you leave him alone for more then 5 mintues.

Add Passion

Archer is my passion, I love him to bits and I consider him my greatest achievement, but I do think everyone needs that bit of downtime. Whether it’s doing a bit of DIY or crafts, or simply watching your favourite vloggers on you tube, we need a little bit of chill time. Setting an area side for art or practicing music can be a great way to put a smile back on your face.

So thoise of the tips so far…i’m still looking for that magic one of how to get jump into a routine straight away, but I must admit that the most beneficial advice I have seen regarding having a new baby and being a working mum, is just take it slow, a routine will fall into place soon and that lists are a must.


How about we re-visit this topic in a year. I’ll let you know where I am with the laundry by then!

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