How to Create a Low Maintance Home


I just can’t leave our house alone. Just when I think things are the way I want them, I spot something that I have to have. My favourite room to keep buying things for is our bedroom, especially when it comes to bedding. It’s so hard to resist all the cute bedding sets I see in the shops and online! Having lots of spare sets on hand helps our room to keep from being dull. I don’t get bored of it because I’m always making little changes here and there. But not everyone is always making little touch-ups like I am.

Some people would much rather have a low-maintenance home that they can decorate once and then leave alone. They don’t want to keep adding things or even have to do all that much cleaning. I know the feeling, as being a mum keeps me pretty busy sometimes. As much as I like decorating, sometimes I don’t want to dust an ornament or even change a light bulb. I wish my home would just take care of itself, and I could just stick to the fun things. Going for a minimalistic look can really help keep your mainteneance down. I’m honestly the complete opposite of minimal, but I can see the appeal. Sticking to a simple palette, straight line furniture and minimal clutter, can help keep your home clean and stress free. Now that’s definetly appealing.

With this in mind it’s an idea to choose all your purchases carefully. Mostly, I think about how easy it would be for a mark to show up on something I buy. Can it stain easily or tear easily? When you’ve got a little one in the house, you never know if something might end up with some unidentifiable fluid all over it. So I try to avoid white things or delicate fabrics that are tough to wash. If I’m looking at adult duvet cover sets, for example, I wouldn’t go for something that can’t be tumble dried or even needs to go to the dry cleaners. Same with furnishings, I’m look at a rgey or black sofa…these colours can hide a multitude of sins!


 I can justify always buying a candle holder because candles make the room look, feel and smell nice. But little statues and ornaments can just pick up dust, and that means more dusting, but the problem is I seem to accumulate a lot of little things. So it’s a never ending battle of the dust bunnies. And don’t get me started on my rug! But I think if your like me and buying little things is never going to stop. Keep things in clusters that way if your going to have dust often, at least you can do it in batches.

Anything with the words “long-lasting” in it is great too. I prefer to get LED bulbs, which seem to last forever, than less efficient ones, plus they are so much more energy efficient. If I’m painting anything, I want it to last a long time without needing another repaint anytime soon, investing in varnish for upcycled pieces is always a must for some extra added protection. These litle tips can save you so much time, energy and money.


How crispt and fresh does this look? Plus I am loving those table legs.


I think a massive advantage for going for a low maintenance look like minmal, is it’s stess free. It’s quite calming. To the point i’m seriosuly thinking of doing this for my bedroom.

Have fun going minimal..