Life can seem complicated. Commitments overwhelm us. We work too hard. There is not enough time to relax or allow ourselves to simply be.

I find myself missing the days where my only worry was which scrunchy to put in my hair…and yes I’m talking about a time when I was about 7…not last year wheb scrunchies came back for a while..
Now I have Arch my time isn’t my own. I find myself fitting in work around him, and then really there’s not much time left after that. Don’t get me wrong I love my job. Both my jobs. Being a mummy and running my own business is stupidly fun, and I’m super lucky I can do both from home.But sometimes I think we need to find time for ourselves.

 Style caster have some great poses to help de-stress!

We need  to remember to do things we really love, and taking the time for ourselves is important. When Arch takes his naps I now use that time, if I’m not cuddling him, to make myself something to eat, or to do a few yoga stretches just to try and calm myself!  Less stress is something I’m desperate to achieve, and slowly I’m finding ways to eliminate those little things that cause me to stress out!

Lists. List are possibly one of the greates ways to help with your stress load. Get a cute diary, you deserve it, and block out your week or day of important things that need to get done, then look at the jobs that could wait another day, so you can fit in sometime for you or your family.

One thing I’m making sure to add into my schedule is more day trips. Going out as a family and introducing Arch to new things, to me, is really important! I loved our trip to London, and the whole day was mostly us just walking around! Plus it gives me something to look forward too, but maybe plan a night out every other week, or go for a weekend away once a month, and use it as a way to de stress!

  Mum in the mad house

Try relaxing and taking your mind off feeling stressed by channeling your inner child and do some colouring in! It’s crazy therapeutic plus a lot more fun now you can keep within the lines!

Im so lucky that I can work from home, but for some commuting itself can be just as stressful as the job itself. If you are spending a long time travelling to work, is it possible that you could do some of your job as a telecommuter? This would instantly cut down on the commute and even offer you a day or two in a more relaxed environment. Or even better yet, think about your job. Do you enjoy it? Is it worth the stress, maybe it’s time for a new career? Or start that business you have always wanted to do!

Let’s assume that the main fabric of your life is working well for you, but you still struggle with your commitment and time. What day to day chores could you do without? What needs to be done but unnecessarily eats into your time?
For example, if you have a busy week do you find that your entire weekend is taken up with cleaning, cooking and catching up with the house? How about contracting some of those services out? You could hire a housekeeper for example. A couple of hours a week could save you half a day at the weekend. Does getting your clothes to the cleaners eat into your time? A dry cleaner delivery service could save you hours of hassle running backwards and forwards.

Grocery shopping is another area that could easily be simplified. You don’t have to face the supermarket after work and queue up. Why not order online, click and collect or simply have your groceries delivered? This was a life saver when Arch was first born, and getting out or really doing anything apart from watching this little baby like a hawk, was pretty impossible so we had groceries delivered once a week for the first month!

Trying to simplify your life doesn’t have to be hard. Remember your doing it so you have more time to do the fun things and spend it with your friends and family! Time goes so quick. Arch will be 6 months old in a couple of weeks and I really don’t know where the time has gone!! Let’s start living life for us our family and friends…


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