Ok so I love filling my house with beautiful and textural things, and so I have many mini gallery walls up. I’ve been collecting artwork and little nik naks for years now and so have grown a rather half decent collection of odd things. Now I don’t own any originals ( I wish ) but the pieces we own, me and Richard have picked out because we like them. I think we would all love to be able afford a n original Jenny Saville or Nan Goldin piece, but let’s be honest, they are way out of our budget, and even for me spending a few hundred pounds on once piece isn’t really an option. But there are ways to fill your home with beautiful pieces. So today I am going to show you the start of one of my newest collections that will hopefully going in my hallways, its pink you may notice. Which wasn’t actually done on purpose, I guess I’m just drawn to that colour at the moment. But I will take you step by step of my process, so grab a cup of coffee and let’s get lost in overly pretty graphics and patterns.

Also I apologise for the photos, my camera is still broken (waiting on spare part) and so these are good old iphone pics!!

Ok let’s talk sources. You have Etsy, which is great for art pieces, and you can pick up some truly beautiful screen prints, drawings and prints for not a lot at all, take a look at my favourites on Etsy as I’m always favouriting prints and artworks.

Then you have your local charity shops and car boots, where you can pick up lots of different things. Maybe vintage scarves that might look cool in a frame, old postcards too always look awesome.

If your after artwork and you don’t mind spending that little bit more, check out sites like Artfinder as they have a variety of artists in every medium you can think of.

So those are my go to places, but I also like cards that you can get anywhere, nowadays the graphics and typography are so on point they are like little mini artworks themselves.

Right now let’s talk my new gallery wall plan.


I’ll do it row by row and give you links to what I can, though I must mention a good amount are from A Beautiful mess when they had their 10 items for a $1 each, so I stocked up on cards and just decided most were too cute to use! But always check back on their shop as they are always doing lots of offers. Ok let’s get to the pink overload!

Row 1:  Today is your day, A Beautiful Mess, Geometric card, A Beautiful Mess, Pink and Green neon card, Etsy,  Screen Print, Etsy,

Row 2:  Bon voyage, A Beautiful Mess,  Have a nice day, A Beautiful Mess,  3 Stickers, Etsy, Hello postcard, A Beautiful Mess, 2 stickers that came free with an enamel pin I brought, Etsy,  Palm Tree Hotel Card, A Beautiful Mess.

Row 3: Good Morning Card, A Beautiful Mess,  Vagina Haircuts, Etsy,  World’s okayest morning person card, A Beautiful Mess, 2 badges from a carboot in Canada.

Row 4: Pink cube geometric card, Etsy, Badge vintage from carboot, Slay Mama, Etsy,  Palm Trees, A Beautiful Mess,  Spread eagle lady, Etsy.

I am loving all the pink hues and strong contrasting typography..eek so fun right?


With the stickers, I think I will find some plain but maybe textured white card to stick them on and then frame. This would work really well with patches too on a piece of fabric like denim which gives a high contrast. Oooo maybe I should start a patch wall.



I have a few ideas of how I am going to do the badges, once I have made up my mind I shall do a post on it..and on the final gallery wall too.



But like I said you don’t have to spend a fortune, and there’s never a rush. This has taken me about 4 months to collect with the badges being in a box for about 4 years!! As I was just never sure what to do with them, it can take time. Have fun and go out hunting for some inspiring pieces!




Another fun thing, is with some of the cards that came with bright envelopes I will probably use them as a little mount so there’s another pop of colour. All I need to do now is find frames. For this I will either look at Ikea or possibly hunt round some charity shops. I’d like them all to be white frames so that it’s not an overload of dark colours, so for this I will spray paint the frames white so they match..but this is a long project finding frames! There are always options to get things professionally framed but that can be quite expensive, especially with a collection of this size.


Happy Tuesday