Ok so let’s be honest we all love the idea of painting our room a bright colour, or trying out that new trend, but when you don’t have an endless budget to spend on your decor, how can you update it or experiment with your style without it costing a fortune. Also not to mention what if you hate how it looks? We are currently in the middle of trying to renovate a house on a shoe string budget. I’m constantly trying to find new ways to achieve my dream home without spending a fortune or dampening the quality..which pretty much equals to the renovation taken ages and a hell of a lot of elbow grease doing the jobs that would be so much easier, quicker but obviously more expensive to contract out. Note that we aren’t stupid and we have hired plumbers, electricians etc…ain’t noboday can DIY that shit themselves…believe I know due to the idiot previous owners. Moving on.


Your home should be a reflection of who you are. But decorating can be overwhelming, and it’s very easy to pick the safe option. Especially when it comes to colour. Painting a wall can be nerve-wracking, especially if your choosing a colour outside your comfort zone, it’s costly, there’s a;ways a chance you might not like it, and so forth. What I will say to you, is that if your going to bite the bullet, but end up hating it, give it a couple of months to really see if you like the paint colour. Worst comes to worse, I say you can never go wrong with white, it’s clean, a blank canvas,, plus you can then add colour in accessories. But if painting the walls just proves too much, take a look at removable wallpaper, which is super cute, semi permanent, and adds colour subtly. I love this wall paper above, kid of want to put it in my laundry cupboard..


Ok so a great way to update your decor, or to do your own take on that new trend is DIY. Even if you’re not crafty, some DIY’s are stupidly easy to do and they can really make an effect in your home decor..pom poms for example, so easy to make, you can literally buy a little device like this one here, which is super helpful, and you add colour to your home decor for hardly anything.


DIY feature wall can be done so easily on a budget, if you’re looking to use a range of colours (id say 3 colours is a good combo) sample pots are a good way to go, lots of colours, cheap, and you won’t have a ton of paint left over.


You can spruce up your old items by upcycling them. Love the metallic theme but not the price tag, by some gold spray paint and have some fun with it. Charity shop buys can be made to look amazing with a lick of paint and some tlc.

You can look into interior design services if you’re looking for something drastic but worried you can’t pull it off, though this isn’t overly budget friendly.


How super cute is this? I love the idea of having pom pom art on the wall.

The above are some more fun budget DIYS for your home decor, these are so fun, so take a few risks and try something a bit different. You might just end up creating a unique and  wonderful place to live.





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