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I’m a broken record when it comes to this subject, but I truly believe having art in your home can have soo many benefits. Without pointing out the obvious of art being inspirational and aesthetically pleasing, it can also be mood boosters, fun and great investments. But there are so many ways you can fill your home with art. Here are some great ideas below.

cool-kids-roomCupcakes and Cutlery

Buy from student exhibitions

Many colleges and universities will have an end of year exhibition where they showcase the students work. These are often free to the general public and allow you to see new and emerging artists work up close. It’s not uncommon for the artwork to be on sale for reasonable prices. It’s likely these artists need funding for future projects and their education. So many are more than willing to sell their work. My university did an end of year showcase, and the variety of work was amazing. If I wasnt a poor student at the time I would have loved to picked some pieces. It’s not just paintings and photography either, you can get sculptures, textile pieces, glass work the possibilities are really endless. There are just so many different types of mediums out there.


Create your own

img_1407Suite life designs

Artwork can be super expensive, and sometimes you can spend hours trailing through sites and shops looking for pieces to buy. The last thing you want to do is buy random pieces for the sake of it. Remember collections can take years. If the price isn’t right, or you haven’t found anything that’s your style, instead of going without, why not create your own. There are websites you can visit that let you upload a photograph that is then turned it into quality canvas prints or posters. You could choose an artistic shot from your son’s birthday party or your honeymoon. You can get your prints blown up massive, for a really large-scale focal point for your home. Or grab some paints, or material and create your own pieces like the navy blue and gold canvas above.


Frame your LP’s

SB-Berschback-Office-wall-533x800Style Blueprint

LP’s and record players have had a huge resurgence in recent years. So it’s easier than ever to find and display your favourite album artwork around your home. Go through your attic or your parent’s house and uncover those records you had forgotten all about. Or search through some local charity shops or online auction sites for a bargain. Famous artists such as Banksy, Andy Warhol, and Jeff Koons have all created album artwork for LPs. So it’s a cheaper alternative than buying an original piece. You can get LP frames from IKEA and other home stores for very little. Hang them on their own, in rows or in a cluster for a fun and nostalgic display.


I can not wait to finally have a permanent home of our own to fill with all the artworks I’ve had stored. Here’s to being able to finally be able to hang artwork with nails, not velcro soon!





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