How to make your bedroom more modern and vibrant

Bedrooms are pretty important, but often get neglected. Here are a fw ways to give your bedrooms a modern twist. While keeping it cosy too.


Combine Light & Materials Effectively


You need to think very carefully about how you combine the materials you use and the way you use light. These two things can either clash or complement one another. The trick is to create an effect that looks both modern and elegant. If you manage to do this, it will make your bedroom look incredible.


Firstly, choosing which materials you want to use. For example, you could use lots of glass and smooth surfaces. If you do this, you could use recessed lighting that spreads light around the room and bounces off the surfaces. You need to choose the lighting arrangements that fit in with the materials you like. Also using clear furniture or reflective furniture makes a small room look much bigger! Two birds one stone.




I love this table! I love the idea of a clear desk with a ghost chair to match…Maybe get some neon pink perspex…add a bit of flair no?

Make it More Comfortable


Your room can often be made to look better by also making it more comfortable. This mainly applies to your bed. You should buy plenty of cushions and pillows for your bed and make sure that it looks great and feels comfortable when you lie down on it too. This way, you get the best of both worlds. Or go that step firther and get afancy sofa put in your bedroom..I mean why not?


You can’t go wrong with cosy furnishings..nothing is better then jumping into a warm cosy bed..especailly now the weather is getting chilly. Plus having fairy light, although amazingly girly, can really make your room feel cosy and vibrant.




If you are lucky enough to have a exposed brick wall really make it pop by contrasting a floral colour scehme against the high industrial brick texture. I love how modern and arty this room looks, yet cosy and girly at the same time!


You should also think about what kind of mattress you have on your bed. You could invest in a John Ryan by Design Latex mattress if you want to improve the overall comfort of your bed. This is even more important if you haven’t upgraded your mattress for a decade or more! Also once you have that matress, go that step further and do a proper corner fold with your sheets..believe me they use this system in hotels for a reason!


Click on the link above to see a tutorial on how to do it!



Choose Simple Colours


Colour is a big part of any room, especially the bedroom. Which colour you choose to paint your walls with should take into consideration the kind of effect you want to create in the room. If you want to relax and feel calm when you’re in the bedroom, in your face colours like reds and bright greens probably won’t help.

You can pick simpler colours that still create an interesting effect but don’t overwhelm the bedroom. You could pick pastel colours that don’t stand out but do create a pleasant feeling in the room. These kinds of colours are pretty easy to design the room around as well, so they’re a good option.

If colours aren’t an option find other ways to add colour and texture. Through decor and photographs or art pieces.

x2867Style Caster

I love all the things going on in this bedroom, Although this screams dorm room to me. I remember how cluttered my bedroom at uni was. God that feels like soooo long ago…and now I have a 3 month old. Crazy.enhanced-buzz-21201-1421342828-22BuzzFeed

A bedroom is meant to be a welcoming, relaxing place for you, so I think having personal photos of your family, pets and friends is a must. It’s a room thats primarily used by you and your partner.You should decorate it just for you. No one else.

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  1. Pat

    I love the photos hanging from a branch, but I just can’t pick a few from the hundreds I have stored away. Each time I get them out to sort, I get caught for hours just looking through pictures of old memories.

    1. Sophie Post author

      Aww! Always the way. Now with grandkids your never be able to sort through pictures without cooing over memories

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