Handy Little Me

We can all look to save a bit of money here and there and do our part for the planet too. There are quite a few ways that we can save money around the house. Sometimes they can seem like really complex things, and it puts us of changing them. They are all simple changes, though, and they can save you quite a bit each year. Here are some things that you could try.

If you switch your light bulbs from regular ones to LED light bulbs, you could save yourself over £100 each year. They use a lot less energy than their counterparts. The key thing is that you don’t miss out on brightness, as with other energy-saving lights. So when you flick the switch, they are instantly bright. Think about getting LED light bulbs from somewhere like iLighting. They last for a long time and are much more energy-efficient. LED lights also last for a whole lot longer than normal bulbs. Also simply turning off your lights when you’re not in the room can saves you money, and helps the planet too.

We all need to wash our clothes. With a child, it can feel that all I am ever doing is laundry! Washing machines use some of the most energy in our homes. A lot of the energy used for the washing machine is used to for heating the water. So the more hot washes you do, the more energy you use. The more energy you use, the more money you waste. A lot of detergents are suitable for use in cold washes, so it is a good idea to wash at a lower temperature. Making sure that you do full loads is a good idea too. Don’t just do lots of small washes but a few larger loads. I have found that because the temperature of the wash is lower, you can mix up your lights and darks as it is harder for the colours to run on a cold wash. I wash most of our clothes at 30, unless Arch has had a few accidents. Then I tend to wash them at 60. During the summer use a washing line, hanging dry is much better for your pocket and the environment then using a tumble dryer. If you don’t have to use a tumble dryer or heat from radiators, then you aren’t using an unnecessary energy. This won’t waste any money. So when you can, use a washing line or a drying rack for your clothes.

Being loyal to an energy provider doesn’t get you anywhere. It is a good idea to shop around and switch your energy supplier. There are so many options like dual fuel tariff that has a fixed price for a number of years, we give our reading each month, to get a rough idea of how much we are using. But we pay a set price a month, and more often than not we get a payout at the end of the year.

Obviously we all want to be paying less for our bills around our house, but it’s important to think about how what we do everyday effects the environment too. Switching off plugs, doing colder washes, and putting an extra jumper on instead of blasting the heating straight away, may not seem much but I like to think I’m doing my part.