How to save money on your wedding

Ok it’s not surprising that weddings cost a bomb, it’s one of the most profitable markets out there. Everyone wants the best for their dream day. Which can come at a very high cost. Believe me! I’m making use of my married friends advice when it comes to little details, and a lot of their advice is gold! Some which comes with books and supplies too.

A big big problem is the guest list. Don’t get me started on our guest list as it seems to be never-ending.  When you create your guest list, it can be so easy to get carried away. Don’t include people who don’t immediately pop into your head. Include close friends and family. If you haven’t seen somebody for years, there’s no need to invite them. But I know that’s easier said then done..because I know the trouble we are having.

There’s so many different ways to send out invites nowadays. You can find all kinds of wedding invitation designs online, and then send them that way! If you’d still rather send a physical invite, you can always make them yourself. It won’t take you very long at all if you’ve been sensible making your guest list. Enlist the help of others too, and keep the design fairly simple.

Rather than ask for wedding gifts, call in favours from your friends and family. You could have somebody film the day for you, and somebody to take pictures. You could get help with catering, DIY, decorating and more. There’s no need to spend a fortune if you’re organised!

I’m coming round to the idea of renting a big space and doing our wedding reception there. I love the idea of having full control over my venue. You could also choose a small venue, and decorate it yourself. This way, you won’t need to spend a fortune finding the perfect place to get married. You’ll make it perfect yourself!

Here are some super cute DIY’s you can do for your wedding which won’t break the bank.


Source unknown

DIY yourself an awesome backdrop for behind your main table. I love how colourful this looks. And it’s a super simple idea too!


Honestly WTF

This is so pretty, I love the idea of having these spotted all over the reception area. It will add instant colour and texture to your day, and if you use fake flowers you can make it advance. Follow the link for step by step guides of how to make this.


Pop Sugar

Thinking of doing a photo booth idea, but want it to be a bit more adventurous than just props? Why not make your own backdrop? This easy fringe backdrop would be super easy, and won’t break the bank.



There are so many places which do free printable, this one and the next two are from Off Beat Bride. It’s a great way to save money, and have some fun doing DIY at the same time.





A cute idea for a sweet bar? no?


Very are so many ways to save money, and not just with the decor and fun bits. Getting married during the week, and off-season is a great way to save thousands! There are just so many options.


On an update for our wedding, I’ve totally contacted some venues for viewings. So we are getting there. Slowly.


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