Ok so last year Richard spent a month in China for work and I spent a month on my own, at home in Essex. You see I was waiting around for shifts at the bar I worked at (they weren’t very organised and would call me in the morning to work that afternoon, but I needed the money so I was at their beckon call) anyway and I don’t really have any local friends, so I spent a hell of a lot of time on by myself, and as he is going away for a couple of days again this week I thought I’d share my tips on what to do if your at home on your own. if your bored, worried whatever I think I could help. Oo look at me going all Jeremy Kyle on you lot.


Give yourself a list of things to do with the time you have on your own, cleaning, DIY, working out, catching up with a friend. Try and plan a routine for a couple of hours a day.

Get all the DVDs your other half/friends/parents/siblings whoever refuse to watch and enjoy being able to watch whatever you want.This includes tv too goodbye Richards favourite Country file hello Millionaire Matchmaker

Find your weapon of choice now to put by your bed…I have a frying pan and an umbrella. (the umbrella is good for startling and creating a distraction). Also remember to lock the doors and such..

Go food shopping and stock up with comfort food, and enough food to last you. Magazines too are a great idea

Do not watch any kind of horror like thing if your at all paranoid. ( I made this mistake by watching four seasons of Dexter during the black month of China)

First aid kit if your accident prone is essential. (slit finger at 11 at night was not convenient, neither having to wrap it up in a cotton wool ball and washi tape due to lack of plasters).

Have some one on speed dial, who lives near by,just incase you slit your finger and it doesn’t stop bleeding and you need stitches…

Enjoy relaxing with your own thoughts, and having some me time. Have a dance, sing a bit, talk to yourself..

Aim to get out the house at least once…maybe go running? or a walking/pathetic limp jog like I do.

I guess this might sounds crazy to some people, especially if they live alone. I spent 2 weeks on my own in the house I stayed in the basement..and It freaked me out quite a bit. Then when Richard went to China I was a little more prepared but it’s crazy how different it can be after being with each other. Especially in the evenings and at night.  The problem is sometimes when your at home on your own, and your not used to it, any noise can freak you out and if your paranoid like me well lets just say it can be challenging especially if I am not at work.


Cook something new

take a bath

start a blog…

make something

try out some new cocktail recipes

Do some yoga…naked I mean why the hell not



Any way here’s my Wishlist for things to have to hand when your at home alone..


1. Fancy trying some cooking? this book looks amazing from Anthropologie. The Paris pastry club. I’d love to try some things from this book, would make good comfort food too for lounging about.

2. The New York Times 36 hours: 150 weekends in Europe. Why not plan a mini break for when your other half/friend etc comes home? Get some ideas from this book.

3. I told you it’s best to have a first aid kit, but might aswell do it in style with these Batman plasters from Amazon. 

4. Le Creuset frying pan, very heavy very good for added protection plus it comes in a variety of colours too. You can also cook in this.

5.Chocolate. Self explanatory.

6. Fancy towels from Anthropologie for a fancy bath time relaxation session.

7. Fancy candle to go with the fancy towels…(theme here) Anthropologie too! I love the look of this candle, I bet it smells amazing.

8. Pretty dressing gown, though not sure you need it in this heat, but still good for relaxing and taking it easy. Anthropologie again.. 

9. These look awesome and yes they are from Anthropologie. Maybe I should have called it my Anthropolgie wishlist anyway, they are felted soap bars..

10. Last but not least, to help with sleeping alone, taking inspiration from Breakfast at Tiffany this eye mask and ear buds sets looks so cute it’s un real. I have a version of the eye mask I brought ages fact I think I brought it when I was in Canada.. hmm. yeah. These are from Etsy from seller Talulah Blue


So there you go, next time you find yourself alone for a couple of days, I hope this helps! I think i’ll go enjoy some of my alone time!


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