This is the first day in a while that I have not fretted over the fact that my house is filthy, honestly it kind of looks like a hoarder’s tsunami has happened at the moment. It’s the first day I haven’t felt guilty about the fact that I have only be running once this week, or that I had macaroons for breakfast or the fact that I spent all morning watching a film, reading my book and drinking coffee, when my list of things to do is as long as me. To be honest it felt good. I just came to terms with the fact that I can’t do everything and be everything, and that at the moment some things are just out of my hands. It was nice…


I cleaned my office today, which was amazing, it’s crazy how much it was bugging me. I ordered some books from Amazon, I finally put my mood board branding pictures up, which I have been wanting to do all week, but they kept falling off my list… Crazy how fun things always fall of the list. I had an order come in a couple of nights ago which is alway fun, and my deadline for two others are this weekend, so I am up to my eyes in paint, but it’s something I love doing. I don’t find painting, or creating a chore, I think what worries me and what can be time consuming, is the need I feel to do social media constantly, reply back to countless emails, try and do the housework, to go running and plan/measure everything I eat, and of course, apply for jobs…we all love job hunting don’t we. But this morning, it was just for me.


Anyway I thought i’d show you my morning pictures…



So this was my breakfast, full of nutrition I know. You have the three main food groups there. Coffee, Fruit and macaroons.


I have to say, Richard is pretty impressive in picking flavours, These three are chocolate fondant, tutti fruity and mint. He got me these from l’orchidee.



Yummy, I could seriously eat these all day every day, I don’t think I would get bored at all…although you guys might get bored of countless pictures…last one coming I promise



I had to show you this because it’s so cute, it’s watermelon flavour and it was insane!

Anyway I did manage to tear myself away from my macaroons to finish reading a book which someone recommended me to help my funk…remember that post?  But anyway this book, Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy, is ridiculously mind blowingly simple. I mean this guy is a genius, and he pretty much explained his good fortune by using simple rules, which each of us know but rarely act on. Honestly, if your looking for motivation or wondering why your not getting that promotion or wishing these things would happen, take a look. It’s not long, and it’s a good motivator.



There’s my tidy desk and the book that I have just reviewed above! look at all my notebooks….I have a problem don’t I.


My new week planner, which is a printable from Crossbow Printables found on Etsy, so awesome, kind of reminds me of the Daily Planet from Superman…anyway, this is a great purchase because when you run out, you just print some more off. Genius.


So this is my mood board for the re-brand of Wooden Flamingo, crazy right, I feel like pink is a definite recurring theme..and Paris, anyway none of these images are mine, but if you want to know where to get them, take a look on my pinterest, they are all on my Branding moodboard on there!.





And here’s a project I am working on at the moment, I quite like them partially painted, but I am under strict orders!! Shame really!!


I hope you enjoyed my patched up/spontaneous ramblings today!


Anyway, hang in there all…it’s totally nearly the weekend. Album of today? Soundtrack of 500 day’s of Summer. Great film, awesome music.

Speak soon