So it’s been a while since I’ve done an original post, but big shout out to my guest bloggers for filling in for me with the odd post the last couple of weeks.
As the title gently puts it. I hate teething. It’s been a long couple of weeks. Arch, bless him, is really struggling with his back teeth coming through, and I kid you not it’s like he’s gone from being my sweet, if not rather loud and hyper 15 month old, to a hormonal teenager. Random outburst of crying and shouting while channeling the hulk in destruction of toys food, and mummy and daddy. I kid you not, i’ve been head butted, slapped and scratched and that was only this morning. So just imagine the hulk on his period. But it’s not his fault it’s just the joy of teething and I’ve been assured, when it comes to the back teeth, they seem to be the worse. So fingers crossed this stage will be over soon!

To get my tiny human through it all, I’ve tried to distract him with fun activities, while also keeping a mini pharmacy and chocolate in my change bag. We stocked up on the ice cream and grapes. Good tip, cut grapes in half and freeze them for like 30 mins or so.. arch goes crazy over these and they are a nice soother for sore gums, also corn on the cob..it’s like a giant teether they can eat.

So here’s our last couple of weeks in pictures. Note: after running out of Halloween themed crafts I moved onto Christmas , yes I know it’s still way early, but let’s just call it me being overly organised. So if  Christmas offends you in the wonderful month of October, though it’s practically November, I suggest you find a different post to read…heres one all Halloween inspired for festivities you may have going on tonight. So to some pictures, and yes this is a full on cute toddler overload.

We went to a farm to preorder our Christmas turkey and it turns out Archer is a pig whisperer. Seriously this kid has no fear. Fed the pigs, petted the pigs and screamed bloody murder when taking away from the pigs.

We made Halloween pumpkin ghost face cakes, though arch decided to go down a more abstract route..

We enjoyed ice cream with the grandparents..and yes in the corner is a second ice cream, because obviously one wasn’t enough he wanted mine too..

Did a nature trail at a baby group, where we had fun collecting and foraging off the ground… though the bag mainly consisted of leaves… arch was particularly fond of the leaves.

Arch sat in a tractor, and looked rather in his element with denim dungarees, wooley jumper and wellies. I promise you this outfit was just a happy coincidence.

We did lots of Halloween crafts at the library… though arch decided throwing the comfy chair cushions around was much more fun.. why are little boys so destructive?

Enter some Christmas crafts, hello handmade cards for family..and spot the recently discarded corn on the cob on the left…clearly he hasnt finished with it yet as when I went to throw it away he burst into tears, so on the floor for later it went..

Archer being a gingerbread eating dinosaur..while cuddiling a water bottle. Another little tip, I find buying water when arch is teething, or if your organised and a super mum, putting water in the fridge overnight, really helps when they are teething. I kid you not Arch will go through this whole bottle in a day, though a good third of it will end up down him because he’s a boy and sometimes he likes to spit his water down himself..maybe its refreshing who knows, but having nice cold water seems to calm him when he’s overly unsettled and biting everything in sight..

I’m hoping we are getting over the worst of the teething.  It’s not the easiest when your baby is unsettled, I’m finding myself having to rock him to sleep for 40 minutes ( and he still ends up in our bed).. my candles have taken pounding, because he keeps finding them and decides to give them a good chew, my laundry has doubled with all the dribbling and more importantly it sucks to know my tiny human is struggling, and there’s not much else I can do to try to settle him. Any new tips welcome!


I’ll do a house update post this week…its a slow progress..also will be announcing a big competition in a few days too! So keep an eye out