I need to start planning my wedding

Recently, I have attended quite a few weddings, each being beautiful in their own way, and all I keep thinking is that I’m meant to be getting married in just over a year and I haven’t booked anything. I think we are the same as most couples and have the problem of where to have our special day. Once your venue is booked everything else can then start to fall into place. The question is always though, where to holdake a look at this list for some unique places..

Weddings, they can be super stressful. I’ve hardly planned any of mine and i’m already stressing over it. Me and Richard aren’t overly flashy people, and I think if it wasn’t going to annoy so many people we would probably elope. Go to the mountains, get married then have a big party with family friends another day. Another reason eloping could be fun..is due to the big old question about your budget. Everyone knows weddings can be super expensive, even more so if your guestlist gets out of hand…which ours already has. There’s always wedding politics isn’t there.

Anyway  good way to save money, have an interesting venue, and please all family and friends is by having a dusk wedding. By doing this you can cut out the wedding breaksfast, and just do a simple short cermeony with the evening party after for all your guest…The only thing to consider is that there is sometimes a cut off time you can get married..I think it’s 6pm..and you might need to invest in a good photographer..like mine who can excel in the lack of light options.


If only we had warm weather all year roundin the UK, so that we could have this lovely setting of lights and outdoor dining for our wedding in Novemeber. But it’s just not possible.. cue all guests shivering, probably drenched by rain in layers and layers of coats.


Lights,no matter the venue I want lights everywhere..EVERYWHERE I tell you, they just make everything look special..and amazing..



How gorgeous does this setting look? Saying your vows as the sun sets…


Now obviously this idea might not be the most ideal in Novemeber when I’m planning our wedding…be pretty chilly to have a cermony outside, but just think if you found a fancy venue with a conservatory or an orangery..they would look pretty amazing..

Have a lovely weekend all!


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