Illustrations I am loving

Trying to get some inspiration as I’d love to get back into drawing and painting, especially as my lovely friend Letty got me some new paints for my baby shower. Plus I am always on the lookout for new artworks to drool over.



I think recently I have been really drawn to pastel colours, I think it’s my wanting to decorate my house full of colour that’s coming through. I’d love this as a piece on my wall, It’s all the tiny details I love, the laces in it weird I love those laces..



Look at all those delicate lines and details, I think if I had the money my house would look like a circus with all the different artworks i’d buy. I’ve curated many things, so maybe i’d find a way to make it work..but it would probably look like a circus.



Similar with the eye print, I love drawings of lips. What can I say, I think quite a few pins and artworks of lips have made their way onto the blog the last year and a half.



Can’t go wrong with botanicals, especially palm trees. I get so jealous every time I see a blogger instagram a gorgeous sunset or sunrise with a coloured sky framing the palm trees…right now I look outside and it’s rather grey..



It’s a little soppy, yet completely lovely no?



This is one of my favourite pieces of the post. The colour contrast, the silhouette , it works.



Can’t go wrong with a pair of shoes. ever. I’d like a series of these, all different shoes in different colours..

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