Given the amount of choice of materials and inspiration these days, it is surprising how many people just opt for the safe and bland kitchen look.

On one hand there is the ultra modern look which seems like a kitchen that is never used. Keeping all those white and reflective surfaces clean must be a nightmare. The other side of the coin is the shabby chic look.

From blank canvas to drawing board.

You could be working from scratch and why not! On the other hand, these things always work better with a budget. So if you are redecorating your kitchen, this also applies to you. A budget means you won’t get distracted and, more importantly, you won’t run out of funds halfway through the project! Use the standard units and bases you already have. To be honest, you don’t even have to change the doors. You could simply give them a coat of paint or even a stencil design and some flash new handles.

 Sheer luxe

The focus here will be the main areas of the kitchen that we see and use. They, of course, are the worksurfaces, splashbacks and any upstands. There is so much colour and variety in laminate kitchen worktops these days. Use stunning colours and textures here to make a kitchen ‘sing’. If you combine all three areas, then you could have a fabulous colourful panorama that will boost your kitchen drama.

  Apartment therapy

It doesn’t have to be too much. Use plain natural materials. Floor tiles, slates or laminate timber work well. Have a practical down to earth floor that will allow the features of your kitchen to provide all the interest.

  Apartment therapy

Accessories can make a lot of difference.

Apartment therapy

Personality comes in through the personal touches. These are the battered chopping boards. They are the chef knives displayed on racks. They are in the vases and flowers. They are in the ragged tea towels and all manner of wooden utensils. They are in the cook books that are dogeared and have sauces sticking pages together!

Don’t hide these things, they are objects of life and beauty. Why not make a feature of your spices? Bring out the garlic and hang it back up. Show off with the antique scales and brass bottomed pots and pans. Let yourself live in your kitchen. Make it a passionate and personal space.

Fill your kitchen with light, colour and life and it will repay you as a soulful paradise that makes you feel good and want to cook in. Combine today’s sleek technology with your personality and you really will come up with the kitchen of your dreams.