So a while back I went to Italy with the family, a holiday we hopefully will be repeating later this year, including Richard this time.  Because of the location ( it was breathtakingly beautiful Tuscany)  I decided to do a shoot with my sister which was extremely impromptu. We had no make-up, nothing but shorts and t-shirts. But we had a camera and a breathtaking view and some interesting items around the house we were staying. So using the bold colours of the house and swimming pool, I fashioned some outfits for my sister to pose in out of linens from around the house, and braided bangles from my sister-in-law.   I am a big believer that  you can style anything with a bit of imagination, the fun is the challenge doing it. I tucked the pillowcases into my sister’s bikini to make an almost tribe like skirt and top. Then used a blue tablecloth and doily for the ball gown effect on the couch. Anyway enjoy the pictures…theres quite a few… Cue pillowcase, table cloth and t-shirt.


Italian sillouhettePool 2DSC_0187


I have to say I think the yellow pillowcases are my favourite, hardly high fashion, but experiment with things, the outcome might surprise you.  The house itself that we stayed in had such amazing features, with the long elongated staircase and  themed coloured rooms. The setting itself made it easy to style the photograph. My sister didn’t do too bad either. . .DSC_0292


DSC_0195 DSC_0208DSC_0296