Ok so you may or may not know but next week me and Richard are off to Italy with my family for two weeks and I couldn’t be more excited, so with our house guest and the impromptu visit from my parents we thought we would do something fun for lunch. This is such a easy spread to do as it takes no time at all, and it looks so fancy too!

So when we were in Italy last, we ate this kind of thing daily, with the fresh meats, olive oil from down the road and fresh picked tomatoes, this was just an excitement for lunch every day.

What you need:

Assortment of Italian meats like Pastrami, prosciutto ham, chorizo and salami and a wooden board to display them on

You want avocado, some beef tomatoes, and mozzarella. So you can slice these up and layer them for a pretty effect.

Get some more mozzarella to place on the board with the meats, and also red cherry tomatoes on the vine add a really cute touch too!

Crusty bread for the foundation of your creations

Olive oil and a balsamic glaze. You can use balsamic vinegar too but I prefer the glaze and when you use it to dip your creations in, if you put it in the balsamic glaze then the olive oil, it sticks more. Also I keep them separate to get more of each one, but you can pour the balsamic into the olive oil.

Then add a few crisps, some olives, feta cheese and stuffed peppers and you have a spread which took less then 10 minutes to prepare. Make it rustic, let people serve themselves, and for bigger spreads have a few olive oil and balsamic pots spread across the table. I use our cup measurements as they have little handles and are a good size to serve the oil and vinegar in.

And don’t forget the sea salt for the salad! Add that little bit of crunch to your avocado, tomato and mozzarella salad.

I love this kinds of food, if you really want to fancy it up, get some sun blushed tomatoes, and a few variations of breads.

Another awesome salads is tomatoes and mozzarella drizzled in olive oil with sea salt with crushed basil as a garnish. It is simply amazing.


So there you have it, a quick Italian spread which is sure to please anyone!


Happy Thursday!

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