Italy Wish List for me and Richard

Ok so yes Italy is 3 months away, but as every girl knows it’s good to do a bit of advance planning. With my weight loss going steady I think I might save up some pennies and treat myself to a new outfit, or few, for Italy. I am totally in love with ASOS Curve selection. Sometimes it’s quite hard to find a selection of plus size clothes which tick all the boxes. But ASOS hits that mark every time. Which is why I do most of my clothes shopping at ASOS.



1. Rucksack,  2. Anklet,  3.Culotte,  4.Nail Varnish,Peach Melba,  5. Bangles,  6. Bikini,

7.Lipstick, So Chaud,  8.Dress, 9. Jelly Shoes,  10.Bag


I have always loved clashing colour and textures, especially at uni, my outfits might have turned a few heads (and not always in a good way). With matching floral leggings and gold sequinned circus jumpers, I had no fear. Now I am coming up to 25, my style has changed.It’s a bit more tame. Especially in the last year, with me moving to a small town in Essex, I tend to only wear my more ‘out there’ clothes once I have left my small town barriers..

Now with my new healthy lifestyle I am looking forward to fitting into some of my old classics, and matching them with new pieces.

I am so excited about Italy. It will be the first time me and Richard would have been abroad together ( for a vacation) and the whole family is going to be there, so looking forward to spending time with the family, and my crazy little twin nieces too.

So to my wishlist.

1. The rucksack, From Accessorize is too cute for an effortless, I travel a lot look, for the plane journey. (that’s a look, I promise)..

2. This anklet/toe ring combo is awesome. I love anklets, and this beaut from ASOS would look great for a casual look down.

3. These daisy red culotte’s are so adorable. I love the idea of having shorts, that flow. Yes flow is a good word, breathable, effortlessly swishy… I would wear these with flats with the anklet above, and a plain tee. Perfect and casual for exploring Rome.

4. As I said I like to clash, and this Peach Melba nail polish from Barry M on my tootsies while wearing the Jelly Sandals would look divine.

5. The bangles, are a great way to add a pop of colour. They are from Accessorize too and would look great paired with the bikini from ASOS.

6. The bikini, which I love, but not sure I would wear. ( In the name of Bridget Jones, I still have quite a few wobbly bits). Who knows though, in three months, there might be a new me. I love how sexy this bikini is though, and from ASOS Curve range, it’s a flattering shape.

7. Can’t go anywhere without a bit of lippy. Now I don’t tend to wear much make-up, let alone on holiday when I will be in and out of the pool or walking round in extreme heat. But I do love a bit of lippy and with MAC you can’t go wrong. I love this orange blush shade, So Chaud. A perfect way to add a bit of colour to an outfit.

8. This dress from ASOS Curve (are you sensing a pattern) is beautiful. I love the greens and floral pattern and mixed with heels or flats can be interchangeable from night to day in a second.

9. The jelly shoes take me back to when I was younger. I am just in love with them. Simple. (From ASOS too)

10. And finally a fancy bag for evenings. Slightly smaller, but chic enough to make an impression. From Accessorize. I’d love to get this bag as a small day alternative to the rucksack. Plus I just adore that colour.


Now to Richard. Richard is an engineer so his job is very hands on, so he quite enjoys wearing smart clothes out and about. But for Italy he has made it clear he wants practicality. So here are his wish list items.




1. Rucksack,  2. Swim Shorts,  3.Cargo Shorts,  4. Boots,  5. Sony A6000


1. This rucksack from ASOS, is amazing and would fit all the stuff Richard likes to take everywhere. Laptop, camera, book, sketch book, food, The works. Plus, he can carry tons of my stuff too.

2. Now I really like these swim shorts (ASOS) and to my surprise Richard quite liked them too. I love that washed out blue colour. The delicate polka dot pattern is so cute too. I mean manly.

3. I have noticed that men’s shorts are getting shorter and shorter. Like hot pant short. Richard is a little pale, (his words not mine) so he’s not into showing a lot of leg. Or thigh as some cases may be. So these are perfect. Manly length, lots of pockets and would go perfectly with the rucksack and boots. Plus I love a guy in cargo pants. There’s always a spare pocket for your lipstick to go in. But seriously guys. Hot pants? Is this the new trend?

4. Now Richard’s shoe collection consists of a couple of pairs of Converse, smart going out shoes, and a smart pair of boots. So I think he needs a few more casual options. It’s good to have variety no? I really like these boots, which are practical and stylish… Richard liked them too which is always plus.

5. Now the most expensive item on the agenda. We both want this beaut as my big Nikon is sometimes a bit much for taking around every day. And after looking at the specs, we are convinced. This might take a lot more then a few months of saving pennies. But it’s a great camera, which has the same creative control, but in a small package.


So thats my wish list for Italy. I haven’t even began to think about books. That’s probably a whole post just on it’s own. So we are going to Tuscany, about 2 and half hours away from Rome. So if you have any tips, or places to eat, do, see please leave a comment.


Ciao x