It’s Time To Make The Bedroom A Place To Sleep!


I lovw sleep. Like a lot. And I was spoilt with Arch, as from 10 weeks old he was sleeping most the night with just one little feed…he’d wake at 7 for his next feed then sleep until 11. It was amazing…but now he sleeps from 20:00 til about 6:00…and then hes awake…until his afternoon nap…so my nice lay-ins have gone..I’m now being bullied into being a morning person. By my 14 week old. Right let’s look at the tools for a good night sleep.

The Mattress


Okay, I admit it – my bed is a bit of a statement piece. I love the look of a bed that is sharp and that catches the eye as soon as you walk in the room. Plus, I think the bed makes all the difference to the style and tone of the room. Now, though, I am putting substance over style and looking for a mattress that fits my needs. From what I can gather, firmer mattresses are better for comfort because they are better at holding body weight. That means no chronic back problems and no problems drifting off to sleep at night. Also, air number mattresses from Night Air Beds are a good choice.


The Color Scheme


The colors shouldn’t be bright and bold because they are not conducive to sleep. Colors that are conducive to sleep are soft, warm colors that make you feel relaxed and comfy. Neutral colors like whites and creams are a good idea. Plus, neutral colors also easy to fit into the rest of the room, so you’ll have no trouble decorating.


The Window Dressing


Yes, even the seemingly insignificant detail like the window dressing can affect how we sleep. I know that I have blinds in my room, and that is one reason I could not be getting enough sleep. As it turns out, blinds are not good at blocking out the light. When the sun rises in the morning, the light gets in and tricks your body into thinking it is time to get up. My tip is to install curtains instead of blinds to shut the light out completely and awake when you are ready. Isn’t that why we have alarm clocks?


The Electronics


If I asked you to describe your room, I know one thing that I would always find – a bunch of electricals. I know that because almost every bedroom in the world is full of electrical appliances. From TVs to alarm clocks and mobile phones, there are as many in the bedroom as there are in the rest of the house. Sorry to say it, but it is time to get rid of them if you want to get to sleep. Watching TV or playing with your phone stimulates your brain and increases its electrical activity, before you go to bed, that is the opposite of what you want to happen. Even worse, the ‘glow’ from the electronics passes through the retina and stops the body from producing melatonin. By removing from the room, you can negate their harmful impacts.  


Hopefully, that will be enough for me to get my beauty sleep!


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