I’ve never really done this before, I mean I’ve done personal posts and such, but never started a blog post without having an idea of what the post is going to be about. So let’s just wing this..and I apologise if it turns out to be super boring..

This is where I guess you tube comes in handy like with vlogging, but man do I hate seeing myself on film. And not because i’m not so great at body confidence ( yet) but it’s my voice..like I sound young..teenage almost babyish young and it makes me super cringe..anyway. I’m thinking of using this platform every now and then just to get rid of the jargin that’s in my head. I spend a suprisingly large amount of time just me and Archer. Richard works crazy long hours, we don’t have family around, I see my friends with babies once a week or so, and we do quite a few baby groups, but man are mummies clicky. So I find myself  talking to Arch a lot, and most of his responses are dog and quacking..Oh the weirdness of being a mother hey.

But recently I found myself questioning a few things..which though he tried, Arch just couldn’t give me a definitive answer…so what do you guys think

Do you think Trumps tan colour is actually called cheeto orange dust?

Why aren’t blueberries blue on the inside..it really bugs me..

I think these two are for sure the more important questions that I have been pondering the last week or so..


I think that’s about it for my ramblings, hope you all have had a lovely Wednesday..man was it long though..I just worked out and I’m now currently sat on the sofa attempting to recover while watching Mad Men..the first season, yes I realise I’m like 10 years too late..but oh well..