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Wedding season is upon us, and the chances are you have at least a couple of invitations floating around in your home. Refining your wedding etiquette as a singleton or part of a couple is one thing? But once you have kids? It’s another thing entirely. Figuring out how to keep your toddler happy at an elongated event can be tricky. The day tends to be geared a lot more to adult activities. But there are ways to entertain the little ones a little colouring pack as their table gift.

Clothing to keep them cool

This point is especially important for summer events. Clothes that will make your toddler hot or uncomfortable is a no-go. So, while there may be a dress-code for adults, a toddler will likely be free to wear what they want. As long as they look smart enough on any formal photos, of course! How about if your toddler has a special role in the wedding, like a bridesmaid or flower girl? Then toddler flower girl dresses and bridesmaid dresses are your best bet. If they’re an older toddler, just put a pair of shorts underneath so they can play comfortably later!

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Suitable sun protection

With summer comes the sun, and with the sun should always come sun protection. Be sure you lather up your toddler a few times in the day if the sun is predicted to be out. Even if it ends up raining, there is no harm done! 

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Take your own fun and games

We parents know that it is not easy entertaining a toddler! Some couples will have set up activities and games for the kids to enjoy, but not all will have done. So, go expecting there not to be anything to keep the toddler entertained. Take your own fun and games with you. Is there anything you already own that takes multiple players? Other parents of toddlers will really appreciate it if you turn up with these. Consider taking a set of play clothes too, so after the formalities they can play comfortably.

Leave early evening

Even if you have been invited for the whole event, consider if the couple wouldn’t mind you leaving early evening. The chances are they won’t. First off, they will probably be very understanding to the fact you have a toddler. Secondly, leaving before the evening meals means that they save money! If it really is important that you stay at the wedding, make arrangements so your toddler can leave. Maybe you could have a babysitter come and pick them up and take them to your accommodation for a couple of hours. 

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Make the day fun for them. Explain what’s going on in a fun way. The princess is marrying her prince, in a magical castle, where all the flowers are enchanted… Then give them a disposable camera and set them a list like the one above! You’d be suprised how kids find the most basic things more fun, when they are given a story to narate it with!