I think it’s pretty safe to say that when you have kids, anything remotely cute you want to get them, I’m trying my hardest constantly not to over buy or spoil Archer. If I had endless money, there’s no doubt he would be dressed to the max in super cute outfits, and have every colourful book under the sun, but instead I buy rarely, and try to really support the small business community. I love Etsy and have come across some little shops recently that I thought I’d share…and I think I might start a dressing the little man post, because I know how difficult it can be finding colourful, bright and full of pattern clothes. boy’s sections are always so tiny right? Anyway. Moving on to some cute things I found which just show you how on point the world of product design is right now! Enjoy all. Everything will be linked below.




  1. Two toned cup, Peek and Pack, €8.00,   2. Salvador Kokeshi, Peek and Pack, €35.00,   3. Make a face, Moon Picnic, £34.00,   4. Cardboard People, Moon Picnic, £16.50,   5. Giant ice cream, Moon Picnic, £18.90,   6. Paper city, Moon Picnic, £12.50,   Frida Kokeshi, Peek and Pack, €35.00,   Alphabet Pebbles, Moon Picnic, £16.00


So above are a couple of new shops for you to check out Peek and Pack and Moon Picnic. I just brought some magazines from Moon Picnic, and when they arrive I will instagram them…so excited! But both shops have items that are to die for, design genius and just adorably cute too!

Happy Friday all!