Last minute Halloween Costume ideas

Ok so I have been back for a few days and already got plans for Halloween. Richard is working but I am going to a party with my friend Steph and we are looking at quick and simple but effective costume ideas. We were thinking of going as a pair..because you know we are just that cool!!



Always a popular choice, day of the dead costume’s can be quite complicated due to the extravagant make up bu always look so effective!!



Did any of you ever watch Daria? I used to love this. This is an awesome idea for a costume and quite easy to do, only problem is…could I convince Steph?




Another awesome couple idea, this is day, wear black, age it well, then zombie-fy your face! Sorted



I so want to do this…bath puff. Get some tulle or netting from your local shop, scrunch it up and sew in some lines to keep it in, and ta da…get a shoe lace for your drawstring. awesome is this no??




I’m done, this is my winner haha!! no? This is such an awesome idea!! Everyone loves candy floss.

Anyway I will let you know how my costume ideas develop..speak soon