I think we are all guilty of leaving things last-minute, or sometimes plans get made which only give you a couple of days to organise a spectacular event…believe me I have been in this situation so many times. Last minute guests, me putting organisation off… so many times. Well here are my tips to make your last-minute party amazing.

I’m assuming you have roughly a day to prepare. However, if you’re really up against it read this 30-minute guide. Buy the food and drink first.. Make a list of all the items you’ll need. Stick to pre-prepared party food and hors d’oeuvre, so that guests can help themselves. Bread and cheese work well. Buy a few different types of bread and cut it into rough pieces. Serve with a variety of cheeses, salamis, fruit and olives. You can always make even the simplest things look fancy. Chips in a shot glass? Or buy lots of little bits and do a big Italian Spread like this one..


This is where fancy paper plates and cups can really come in handy, go to your local supermarket or if you have time order some. It will make the clear up so much easier!

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These are Bri Emery’s, from Design Love Fest’s new range for Target…these look super fun! If only they had a target in the UK!

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 Refrigerate the drinks when you arrive home. Or better still, place them in a Single Zone wine cooler. This will ensure they are beautifully chilled for when your guests arrive. Check out this post by A Beautiful Mess for what to keep stocked for quick parties.

Next up is the house. You don’t have time for a full makeover, but you want everywhere to look beautiful. Tidy first. Clear away any clutter, old magazines and anything breakable. Wash any dishes and put them away. You’re now ready to clean. Focus on all the rooms guests are likely to enter. This may include a bedroom if you’re using it for coat storage. Open all the windows to air the house and dust around quickly. Then vacuum. Make sure you vacuum upholstery if needed.

Clean the kitchen and bathroom carefully and put out guest soap and clean towels. Walk around each room and make sure it’s all presentable. This stress-free cleaning article provides more tips.


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DIY-Gilded-Donkey-PinataStudio DIY

This is the fun part. You can do a lot with balloons and string lights. Pick up some coloured card to cut out shapes, grab a pinata…because who doesn’t love sweets…Think outside of the box. You will be surprised how much you can do with a few things and a little tape.

A couple of hours before the guests are due to arrive take out plates, glasses and napkins. Uncover food and transfer to dishes. Ensure you have enough forks and spoons.

Give the house one last check and make any final adjustments. And there you have it, party preparations in record time. Put on some music, sit back and wait for your guests to arrive.

And there you have it! Your done….now that wasn’t so hard was it..