So we recently went to a lavender farm in Hitchin, which has been one of the best days out we have had. We try to do a day out, each set of rest days that Richard has off, as a family, then Richard has an afternoon where he takes out Arch to give me a chance to chill…or work and clean..

I think it’s important for mummies to get some time off. Richard suggested him taking out Archer for a few hours once a week to help me out..when you don;t have family around close by, watching over a little person 24/7 can drain your energy pretty quickly. I love being a mum, but it’s the little things like being able to go out past 7, or go to the loo without an audience. Archer is at that curious age where he’s interested in everything. Especially anything mummy is doing. Which makes blogging, housework or commissions very hard to do while he’s awake. So I’ve been burning the candle at both ends. Working while he’s asleep, doing commissions and housework until midnight, then starting again at 5 when the little guy wakes up…

It’s taken its toll, especially with the move, as I have found myself being struck down with every illness going. Colds, virus, stomach bug. You name it I’ve had it. So  Richards stepped in and we have worked out a plan, to try to give me a few hours to get some work done. Plus we are thinking of putting Archer into nursery, just 1 morning a week to help me out too. Mummies need help sometimes!

Anyway back to our lovely day at the lavender farm. The colour and the scent were breathtaking…this would be a lovely place to get married…if your getting married in July/August as that’s when the flowers bloom the most. Check out the Lavender farm here.


We walked all the way up to the top of hill, I didn’t even mind the little hike, as it was just amazing walking through all that colour. So it costs £4.50 per adult, children under 5 go free. You get given a paper bag and scissors to cut as much lavender that you can fit in your bag. For an extra bag it’s £3. When the sunflowers are in bloom you can cut them too at 50p a stem! Sadly they weren’t ready to be picked when we were there.



It’s not great for pram access, so we ended up carrying Arch, but he enjoyed it, especially watching all the bees.


So me and richard each had a bag, and we filled those beauties to the brim. If you don’t know all ready, I have a deep love for lavender, and like to use it different ways! Using lavender to make lavender sugar syrup opens you up to lavender cakes, coffee and cocktails! So I’m looking forward to putting all my lavender to good use. The beauty being, it dries really easily, and you can use dried lavender for all the things I mentioned above!

Lavender-blue-dilly-dilly lavender-field-wedding-venue-


Arch ended up having a little munch on lavnder…not sure he was a fan, but it kept him occupied for a good couple of minutes.Lavender-fields-hitchin-letchworthSo id you find yourself in the area of Bedford or Hertfordshire take the trip out to Hitchin Lavender. I’ll do a post tomorrow on some awesome ways to use lavender, just incase your lost for ideas..