So a few weeks back I decided to make some lavender sugar syrup to use in my coffee. I also tested it out in cakes and cocktails, which were amazing. recipes to follow sometime next week. It’s a very simple recipe, with exciting results so here it goes.


What you need

1 cup water

2 Cups of white sugar (I used caster sugar but I don’t think it matters)

3 tbs of lavender, I did a mix of fresh and dried.


Ok so you have your ingredients.


Pick the buds off the dry and fresh lavender and measure your ingredients  out.



Add the water, sugar and lavender together and bring to the boil, once boiling, bring down to a simmer. Let it simmer for 10 minutes, then turn off and let cool. How pretty does the lavender look??




I decided to pour the mixture into a little jug first. This made it easier to pour and strain into a jar or bottle.


And here is my mum straining the lavender into a jar. This stuff keeps for quite a while, I’ve had mine for 4 weeks now and I have kept it in the fridge. To make it fun, add a little purple food colouring so when added to latte’s and cocktails, it gives a lovely purple colour. This makes such a cute gift, and I will be posting some recipes over the next few days!!


So enjoy!!

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