I mentioned in my 2017 goals post, that I wasn’t overly happy with my content last year, and made it my mission this year to be more creative and to bring you guys more fun posts. I currently have two fun things in the works at the moment which I’ll share with you in February, not long to wait, but I thought I’d share some tips on how we can all be a little more creative.

I believe everyone can be creative. I’ve had friends be like gosh you’re so creative I could never do that..but they have never let themselves try. There’s creativity in everything. There’s creativity in cooking, gardening, even exercising. In my eyes anything you put effort into or have a passion for is a creative outlet. So let’s unleash that creativity.

With social media, there’s no excuse not to share your passions nowadays, you can pin that recipe, instagram that new plant, or YouTube your new work out regime. If your finding you want to try your hand at creating some artwork, whatever your medium be, sites like Deviantart offer the chance to share your art with other creative individuals. Or you could start a blog or vlog, and like me use it as an outlet to show your creative side and inspiration.

Creativity doesn’t end with art, like I said above, there are so many ways you can bring more creativity into your life. Why not make your home your next masterpiece? There are many ways to get creative in the home. A little creative decor can ensure you’re in an inspiring space at all times. Or try a new workshop, learn something you never thought you would. I’d personally love to do a blacksmith course..because I think it would be something fun to try..plus hello conversation starter..

Once you feel confident in your new skill, or even feel that maybe you have mastered it, you can then perhaps enter competitons, there are tons of art competitions. Or start your own shop, where you can book tables at a craft fairs..or simply enjoy your new-found hobby.

I have so many classes saved on my Skillshare account and I’m slowly working through them. I’d like to master ( or at least get confident at) calligraphy, SEO (fun fun fun) and typography. Here’s to a creative 2017, why not join the journey? Every week I’ll post something on the blog that’s creative. You can join in too by leaving links or photos in the comments! Let’s get creative guys!