Lighting; who would of thought of the excitement that a new lampshade or light feature could bring you, and the devastation it might bring when your home is filled with spot lights..welcome to my world. After much discussion changing the spot lights would just be too expensive, so we are trying to be a bit savvy when it comes to our lighting options. So here are some lighting ideas.

There’s a whole aesthetic aspect to lighting. Pendants, a scone, chandelier, floor lamp…the list is endless, but it can really make a room. So let’s look at some to die for lighting…don’t even try to hide your excitement. Welcome lighting geeks.



Ceiling lighting is the standard form of lighting in the majority of homes. The style of these can vary dramatically though. The standard fitting is a plastic ceiling rose with a hanging bulb. There are so many different shades you can go for, and lightbulbs to if you want some extra fancy lighting, or if you want a more dramatic change from standard fittings, you could employ a professional to install specialist ceiling lighting. For example, industrial pendants, spot lighting (urgh) or tube lighting.



I’m rather in love with this lighting, would look perfect in a dinning room or an office…wonder if we could DIY this?




Who said that your lighting has to remain on the ceiling? Wall lighting is a great alternative to lamps. They can provide light in your room, without making the area too bright. However, they remove the problem of wires trailing across your floor to the nearest plug socket. All sorts of lighting can be installed on your walls. As well as being functional, they will add extra decoration to otherwise bare walls. From wall sconces to strip lights. Whatever your taste, there will be a design out there that you will adore. Nickel, brass, copper. Anything. You can find broad ranges available from brands such as Quoizel Wall Lighting. Many companies also offer delivery and fitting when you purchase one of their products. Remember: never attempt to fit lighting yourself, unless you’re a trained electrician, or go for a savvy one like the Ikea one below which can be clamped to a surface.



I think me and Richard are going to have a go at some DIY lights, and maybe get an electrician to put a few wall lights in. This is my compromise for the bloody spot lights. But there are always table lamps and floor lamps to spruce up your room. These are a few of my favourites.


Ikea ira_table_lamp_white_lb1_2




Neon lights are another whole blog post, but it is lighting and we can still geek out over this cactus light.


And finally your home doesn’t only need to be lit up indoors. Outdoor lighting is important too. Automatic lighting can be fitted. These lights have motion sensors and will turn on as soon as any movement is detected in your garden, fun…unless you get a lots of cats in your area..then rather annoying. Other lighting is more geared towards lighting up your outdoors when you’re entertaining guests or relaxing in your garden after sunset. Perhaps you’re hosting a BBQ or drinks. You don’t want everyone to have to leave as soon as the sun’s rays stop spreading into your space. Outdoor lighting can let there be light straight through into the evening. A final option? Solar lighting. These are more for decoration than anything. Plant solar lights next to bushes, in flower beds or around water features. During the day, they will soak up the sun’s rays and at night they will softly lighten up the dark corners of your garden. They can create a very pretty effect and won’t cost you a fortune to run.