Traditionally, weddings often favour the woman. It’s all about the bride’s big day, even though there are two people involved. Women are raised being told about their dream wedding day and how much it will mean. But the groom is important too – in fact, the wedding can’t happen without him (unless there’s another bride instead!). It’s not very fair if the wedding is all about the bride and the groom gets sidelined. Sometimes you need to make a special effort to ensure he’s included. If you’re in the middle of wedding planning, there are several things you can do to make sure it’s a joint effort and a celebration for both of you.


Divide Up the Wedding Duties


One of the things that often happens with weddings is that the bride-to-be does a lot of the legwork and makes most of the decisions. Sometimes it’s because she cares more about the arrangements, but it can also be because the groom feels he can’t have a say. You might not want to do all the work and wish he would give you more input. Communication is essential while you’re planning to make sure neither of you resents the other. You can try to make the planning duties more balanced by dividing them up. You might do it by who cares most about what.



Get Individual Rings


One part of your wedding day is something that’s meant to last forever. Your wedding rings are for your whole marriage, not just the big day. So if you’re thinking of adding personal touches for the groom, it’s one item you might think about seriously. Many couples go for matching bands that are relatively plain, so they suit both of them. But you might want to consider something more individual for each of you. You could look at custom rings like Harlin Jones wedding rings, which have a masculine look for grooms who don’t want anything too delicate.


Plan a Surprise


If you want to do something special, you could plan a surprise for your groom. Even if you make sure your wedding is a team effort, the focus can often still be on the bride on the day. A fun surprise can put the groom front and centre for a while. Of course, don’t plan a surprise if he isn’t the sort of person who goes for surprises. There are lots of things you could do. Maybe take the types of surprises you often see grooms give their brides (like dances) and flip them on their heads.


Responsibilities on the Day


The wedding day itself can be pretty stressful. You’re nervous, and there’s lots for you to do. Make sure that your groom is pulling his weight on the day by fulfilling his duties. Of course, there’s everything he should be doing with you, like cutting the cake. But he can also have his own jobs, like making sure his groomsmen are ready and arrive on time.


Remember that there are two people in your future marriage. Let your wedding day reflect that.