Let’s plan a wedding

Ok guys the pressure is on, I have my lovely friend booked for photographing our wedding on Novemember 18th 2016…that gives me just over a year to actually plan the rest of it. We had fun doing wedding wedensday for a good few months last year after I got engaged, but now it’s for real, now I have to make some actual decisions if we are going to get married in Novemeber. Because either way we have a photographer booked for that day, so whatever happens on Novemeber 18th next year..it’s being photographed.

I’m sure anyone else who is planning or has planned a wedding can understand that before their marriage, most people haven’t had to plan an event of this size, or even any events at all. I certainly haven’t, and in my mind once I have a venue, everything (hopefully) will fall into place. So I have decided to blog my journey and you guys can follow, plan, take notes…but together we shall have some weddings!

Right let’s get started, firstly we need a super cute planner, which we will probably only use once, but either way it’s essential. It’s the spend hours doing your revision timetable…then forgetting to revise kind of thing. I’ve done so many cute posts on weddings…but no planning. But get a wedding binder made up of useful information, and you can start from there. Or see if you have a friend who is already married, and take a peek at theirs. Now this binder can have everything from potential suppliers to necessary contact information. Alternatively, a more modern option is pinterest..because let’s be honest pinterst is great. Plus I have found some cute FREE print outs to help you guys get started!

Free-5-Page-Wedding-Planning-Printable-Set-700x984Bread, Booze, Bacon

Wedding organisers can be expensive, I’ve got a lovely book I got from Italy after Richard proposed to me, that i’m using..or going to use (haha), but I think getting a lovely notebook can be just as good. But if you want to save every last penny for your wedding, these free printables will do the trick just aswell!WeddingPlanningBinderPrintables(1)Botanical Paperworks

Wedding-Budget-Checklist-490x644Swanky Weddings



Although my planning isn’t going quite to plan there are a few things that my lovely friends are helping with. Regarding my wedding invites, my lovely friend Alex who is a stupidly good graphic designer, is designing our invites..which i’m stupidly excited about…stupidly! Invites are prettty important as becuase once you have locked down your venue, you want to send out your invites pretty sharpish..  Friends can be great if they have any hobbys or talents, but if your looking to buy invites take a look at wedding invites by Paper Themes and other companies, this takes the hassle out of doing it yourself, and some companies even send them out for you, for an extra charge.

I have considered a wedding planner many times, but then I realised one half of my maid of honour duo is pretty much the best planner I can get. She knows me, my style , my taste and she does it all for free because she loves me. But if your having a particulay big wedding, and don’t mind the price tag that comes with a planner then I definetly think they are a good idea. They come with less stress, and sometimes they are great and getting you good deals. Because they tend to know the best of the best people..really really well. So maybe over the next couple of days, browse pinterest, buy a couple of magazines and buy a cute notebook..have fun with it!


Right our next step is to research possible venues..no pressure guys..but the countdown has begun

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