With Archer waking up naturally around 7am, I find myself longing for the warmer seasons which bring our longer days! With these shorter days, comes artificial light…which can add a certain dull same old same old yellow tint to our days!


Certain rooms can benefit from different types of lighting. For example. Kitchen and dining rooms may benefit more downlighters. They direct light down onto surfaces, which in particular for the kitchen is very useful. They can be set up in a grid pattern, which also means that with a dual switch you will be able to control which area is lit up. That will enable you to highlight particular areas. Having the kitchen units illuminated by spots or even slimmer tubes above the benches can be a lovely way to create an intimate kitchen feel.

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Although downlights and spots can work well in the lounge, in general you will want to have more intimate pools of light. This will not only affect the choice of your lights but also the type of light. The kitchen and work areas for example will benefit from daylight recreating white light. A lounge is often better with a softer more yellow touch. Discounted LED Light bulbs can give you a great choice of both. If you have a dominant pendant light, it can be transformed by the creative use of a shade.


Bathrooms like the kitchen, benefit from the use of white light. As they are often small spaces, wall lights can work very well. Employ creative designs to direct light in interesting directions. Mirrors create their own problems as far as reflecting light is concerned. But an overhead and concealed downlight can be great for the detail you might need over the sink. It can be a good idea to have a dimmer or softer light facility if you enjoy a soak and prefer a more intimate setting.

Lighting here can be as personal as you want to make it. Overhead lights can be softened with a variety of shades. Plus there are so many funky DIY options out there now too! LIghting doesn’t have to be boring!


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