Little way’s to update your home if you rent

Even though I rent my home, I am always on the lookout for easy and inspiring ways to update the look of it. When you’re not allowed to knock down walls or change any of the fitted cupboards into something new, you can feel a little restricted. But designing something new, and creating your own style isn’t as hard as you might think.

When you find a new place to rent, you get to start from scratch of where your furniture will go, what light shades, curtains and removable features your going to change and keep. It’s pretty exciting. And if your landlord is laid back you might even been looking at paint chips or wall paper. If they aren’t laid back look into removable wall paper and decals. A renters best friend.

Like i’ve said when renting there’s tons of ways you can add your personal touch to your home without annoying the landlord. We aren’t allowed to nail into the wall so we had to find another option as I wasn’t going to go with out my gallery wall. I came across these sticky pads for hanging pictures.. It means I don’t have to bang any nails in, and my landlord won’t have to worry about damage to the walls. These have been particularly handy lately as I’ve been swapping things around in the living room quite a lot! They are super durable, and I’ve tried and tested them. In fact our gallery in the nursery is completely hung up using these little beauts.  

If your lucky and your landlord is pretty flexible about what you can do in your place one thing I always notcie is how the ceiling quite frequently gets missed. Or is it jsut mine with the random marks. If your allowed, a great way to freshen up your home is painting your celing a light colour..can’t go wrong with white as this will reflect the light mkaing your room look brighter. It will also make your wall paper or paint job look neater. What’s the point of spending ages making sure you have sharp edges on the walls, then having marks on the ceiling. Or if your feeling really adventurous and your landlord is pretty relaxed, go for a statement ceiling to contrast with your walls.


Firstly if you ever find a landlord that might even let you do this a little…never let him go! This two toned room is just to die for. I also love the off set olive green door against the bright turquoise and dark grey. It just goes. This paint work gives a real dramatic sense to a room, and I’d say it’s like fashion. If you do it with confidence you can pull it off.



I love how gorgoues this deep blue ceiling looks paired with the crisp white and gold light fixture. Once again good luck getting your landlord to agree to this..maybe try buying them a drink first? You never know.

As a tip. I read that landlords will normally re-paint the place before new tennants move in, why not ask if you want a specific colour (make it a reasonable one as I doubt they would paint it bright blue for you). I wish I knew this as I would have asked for plain white. Having plain white walls gives a true blank canvas and not an ugly magnolia tinge to your room. #nomoremagnolia

New furniture is always great for renters, as it’s your way of getting your personality across. I browse online stores selling oak furniture to see if I can find good quality furniture. Furniture that’s durable enough for many moves (the problem sometimes with renting), and that can go with a mulitutde of awful paint jobs and carpets. I like a lot of colour you know me. But someimtes going for simple wood pieces can help bring a room together with out too much clash. You can then add the colour with accessories. Which are much cheaper to change with your ever changing taste.

DIY is a great way to update your home in little ways. It’s also a lot cheaper then constantly buying little bits here and there. I don’t stop talking about gallery walls, and your probably super bored of it..but it’s such a great way to add colour to your home with out painting. Doing an art wall with a theme always looks good.


The theme of neon is strong in this gallery wall, and I love how colourful it is. Also notice how nicely the rug colours fit in with the wall too. P.S I am loving neon right now and have some fun DIY’s coming up with a neon twist.




Pick your favourite colour of the moment and run with it. Clearly yellow features pretty strong in this room, but it goes beautifully. If your thinking of what colours, in my experince maybe stick to three colours you can always vary on the shade of the colours..But just have fun with it.


Finally I’ll leave you with some DIY’s that are fun and renter friendly.


Cute pillows are a must, so why not have some fun and DIY yourself some cushion covers. I am loving how simple this one above is. Simple yet so awesome!



Removable stickers are a great way to add decor to your home without annoying the landlord! How effective does that statment wall look! We have used a range of polka dots in our office/nursery and they look so great! Plus they work. I checked. No mark at all left after I pulled a couple off.




Lastly if you can’t use that gorgous wallpaper you have seen to decorate because your lanlord just isn’t budging. Why not wall paper the back of your cabinets or bookcases (that you own) with it. Add a pop of colour in a normally plain space, with that pattern or colour you just can’t live without.


Let’s keep fighting the good fight to make our homes, be they rented or owned, look beautiful!