So the house is getting there. I mean there’s a lot of stuff left to do..but I’m seeing the light and it’s starting to look quite homely. My livingroom has the basic structure, I just need to sort the details out. So I’ve done a mood board of how I’d like/love my living room to look. It’s a basic one but hopefully you will get the jist.


  1. Pillow, Urban Outfitters. 
  2. Clock, Trouva
  3. Pendant Light, Trouva
  4. Wall Light, Trouva
  5.  Plant Box, Trouva
  6. Sofa, Arhaus
  7. Rug, Urban Outfitters
  8. Plant Stands, Trouva

So sadly due to stupid spotlights, my pendant light will probably be a wish that will never come true. I might be able to get in some wall lights though! 

I picked the sofa, which is way more fancy than mine, but similar colour and shape to give you an idea. It also looks much more comfy too, so be sure to check them out. Because sectional sofas like this one, act as a great centerpiece to inspire a whole living room! Moving on. I like the idea of having a blank canvas with white on the walls, then adding colour with the accessories and furnishings. It’s not on the mood board, but I’m pretty sure some neon pink would go amazingly well with this layout too…just a little here and there.

I also love plants, and strongly believe you can never have too many plants, or different ways of displaying them..add a massive bookshelf, which I do in fact have in our living room (but which isn’t on the mood board) and you have all the staples for an awesome living room. All that’s left are soft furnishings in a variety of patterns and colour. I mean why not go bold? and an awesome clock to be a centre piece on your wall..amongst all your artwork, and you have a homely yet eye poppingly stylish living room..not sure that sentence works but let’s go with it.

On a last note, check out Trouva too, I recently came across this site, and the handpicked beauties they sell…well I could spend a fortune.

I’m hoping to have Archer’s room tour up this week which will be exciting. As soon as it’s on the blog, in my mind that’s it finished. 1 room down, just the rest of the house to go.

Hope you all had a god weekend…yay it’s Monday…