Living room re-do


Ok although it’s still going slow, the house is slowly coming together…well I say this while looking at a lovely long list in my diary of things that need doing. The biggest list surprisingly being for our living room. You know it’s not quite right. The furniture needs updating a little with a bit of fresh paint. It needs a whole new layout, with some organisation tweaking. I think the problem is my living room is a bit of an odd shape, and we have a rather  unusual collection of furniture which don’t blend together as much as I would like them too.

So I went onto  a room building website, I used Room Sketcher, and did a  quick rough layout. It is by no means accurate in measurements..hey what can I say I’m pregnant and tired..but you get the jist of the layout at the moment..also my furniture isn’t all white..I just gave up trying to find furniture matching ours.




So add some massive amounts of clutter and this is kind of our living room. Now I have been getting inspiration from none other then Pinterest, on how I might be able make my living room my dream living room. I also just went downstairs and realised there isn’t an alcove section on the right hand side of the room…apparently the door and wall meet…who knew.. Anyway so while I’m working out a layout, I want to give my furniture a spruce, and add some colour to our living room, I love the idea of lots of mix matched pillows, and bright accents.


I love the turquoise and yellow accents in this room. The gallery wall is awesome too. This is from Mckenna Bleu.


I am defiantly leaning towards lots of different pillows….this is from Enter My Attic.



I have a lot of stuff, I am not even going to try and deny it, but I love how this room looks cluttered but at the same time stylish and organised. This is from Nicety.




Ah just look at those pink cushions and blue accents…I am in love with this room, this is from BHG.

I don’t want to spend any money if possible, I am thinking  DIY, a bit of imagination and maybe ruffling through some charity shops. The only item I think we need to actually buy or source are some frames and a coffee table…but I think I can do that….maybe..wish me luck, I have 17 weeks to get my house sorted…this may be nesting setting in… (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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