Looking for a new hair style…

Ok so as I am typing this I am recovering from doing an egg wash on my hair…yep! I just beated 2 eggs and massaged it into my hair. Apparently the proteins stimulate growth, though you are meant to keep in on for 30 minutes, I lasted 5. They don’t tell you that it will run down your face, and all your be able to smell is egg, with it sticking to you face…wasn’t nice. I think I’ll try the olive oil one next week…see how I get on with that. With this in mind I am now sitting in my office in yoga pants and a hoody. Cold and regretting the egg wash…I am pretty sure I still smell egg and I washed my hair twice.


I have never been a girly girl. I like clothes, I used have a really bizarre dress sense. The brighter and more clash the better, I still enjoy buying the more abstract pieces but it has toned down a little. But when it came to beauty and make-up even jewellery sometimes, I’ve always missed that step. I have some beautiful pieces, big necklaces, statement earrings, wacky bracelets, but I wear them once or twice a month if that. Bad isn’t it. Make up? I love lipstick, but even that I’ll only wear maybe once a week. I am too lazy really.

I remember once in college one of my close guy friends said to me, and this is no lie. Why don’t you try making an effort with your clothes and make-up just for a week and you might get some attention or it might cheer you up if you actually look nice in what you wear. Back in college I was 16, heavily into Bowie, and I wore baggy jeans and layered tops. I did photography and textiles, so I wore clothes that I could get messy in, plus I have this motto that I like dressing up for evening outs and such, because you would have that wow moment like oh my you actually do have lashes…. Needless to say me and that guy are no longer friends, he turned out to be a bit of a dick..shocking right?

Lets be logical, I spend most my time cooped up in my office working, apart from seeing the guy in the corner shop where I get my weekly fixes…alcohol..kidding its penny sweets. I don’t see a lot of people. Yeah if I go out to London i’ll put on some lippy, but like I said I can be pretty lazy. My nails are always chipped, my hair’s a mess..it’s kind of annoying. I am annoying myself how lazy I can get. haha. But I think I envy people who can do great subtle make-up and look pretty and fresh. I always look a bit blah in pictures.

So anyway my hair has taken a backseat for the last year or so, yeah i’ve had a short hair cut recently, twice if I am honest and deep down, I don’t think I like it until it gets to my shoulder, thats a good length I think. Anyway I haven’t dyed my hair in 3 years…crazy I know…but I am considering a whole new look, I am trying to run a business no matter how small and I think I need a new look. I am re-brading at the moment which is a slow but fun process so why not do something with me. I have joined slimming world, lost 9 pounds altogether now, so time to fix the exterior, but need your help okies??

So my hair is pretty thin, hence the egg treatment. It’s my own fault, Im a twiddler. I twiddle my hair especially if stressed and tired…which has been a lot recently…I am trying to stop, Richard is on smack duty, he keeps smacking my hand away from my head…haha! But anyway I digress…I have thin hair, and a chubby face, feel like this isn’t a good combo..but anyway here are some of the looks I like the look of. I am kind of thinking a fringe, I haven’t had a blunt fringe since I was young…hmm



Firstly I love this women, I recently read her book…maybe thats the reason behind me wanting a make over? But it’s an awesome book and i’ll do a review next week sometime on it.Anyway this is Sophia Amoruso, and her book is called #Girl Boss. You may know her as the creator of Nasty Gal.



I really like the grungy really short fringe…but I feel you kind of have to look like Audrey Tautou to pull it off..you know  cute petit, ridiculously gorgeous haha. I can’t find the source of this image you know what to do if you know!


This is such an awesome look, I am not feeling dying my hair I think thats a bit too much of a change, but I am totally feeling the fringe, it’s a bit of a thrill isn’t when your thinking of doing something drastic with your hair..After consulting with my sister she thinks it’s best to start with a long fringe, first…This is a picture from Nasty Gal.



Maybe something like this might be better….hmmm.


Dark and edgy…am I dark and edgy…I’d say i’m more clumsy and weird…What hair style says that? Actually forget that, It’s probably best to hide those traits..



This is cute, it’s funny how the colour of the hair can change the style of a hair cut, this is like cute and pixie, where the darker hair tones say more edgy and sexy..I used to be blonde when I was little..I am now a more mousey colour, but I have been red head, dark brown and jet black in the past, the darker tones just wash me out a little you know…so maybe I’ll keep my hair colour for now..




This could be the style…closest to my colour tone, and length plus it’s a playful length isn’t it..



I love Beth Ditto..her confidence, her style, I love her hair too, she suits everything even short ginger pixie cut!! Even with her curves, her hair suits her a lot…which is my worry I have a chubby face, can I pull this off..should I just stop whining and do it??


Any advice would be greatly appreciated dear readers!!