So it’s the New Year and you’ve moved into the perfect new home. But even if you’ve chosen the best location for you, chances are it feels a bit odd at first. Moving into a new place, that doesn’t feel lived in, can feel strange. It’s a clean slate where no memories have been made yet. Of course it takes time to settle in. But there are things you can do to make a home feel fuller and more cosy to hang around in.

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One fun and creative way to fill your home is to create your own art and hang it on the walls. Using this technique you can get the whole family involved and make something to be proud of year round. Think twice before you throw away old egg cartons, as these can be used to make fun and colourful decorations. The same goes with your glass bottles. Don’t pop them out for recycling. Make your own terrarium. These elegant glassware oases can be your very own hanging gardens of Babylon.

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Does your home feature a conservatory? These are great spaces but when empty it is difficult to know quite what do with them. You should prioritize investing in some conservatory furniture to turn it into a comforting den for you! Conservatory’s don’t have to be boring or old-fashioned! Spruce up your furniture by spray painting in a bright colour, or pairing it with bright pillows. Add a darn plants spotted around and you have a mini orangery like feel!

While waiting for that familiar home smell light candles. Incense sticks are also a great way to add a familiar scent to your home!

Lighting can also make a big impact on how your home feels. There are lots of clever ways to illuminate dark corners. Try filling jars with fairy lights and dotting them around the home.

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You can also add a personal touch to those blank walls with photos that mean something to you. Jazzing them up with fancy frames means they double up as memories and decorations. You’ll be amazed at what a difference this makes. It’s also a cost-effective method. You probably already have photos that are dear to you so it shouldn’t take much time. Just turn them into decorations and fill up your home with personal style.