Told you I was real. So I am pretty awkward in front of a camera, but hey in this day and age with the year of the selfie, it was time for me to get over it. So figured I would document my style selfies for you all. FYI my hair is in need of some serious brushing/washing.


Ok so I am quite into the relaxed casual look at the moment. Although I am really in love with suit trousers and may invest in some one day. One of the places I love to shop, bar charity shops, is H&M. Im not small, I’m a size 18 sometimes 20 depending on the cut, and I like that H&M caters to larger sizes. So my black Harem Pants, striped shirt (underneath) and my white casual shirt are all from H&M. My cardigan is from a charity shop.

The pants are so comfy, and don’t let the soft jersey fabric fool you, they can look very smart too when paired with a white shirt. Although you can’t see my feet, I am wearing glitter socks from ASOS and plain brown brogues form New Look. As the harem pants are slightly above the ankle I like edging my look up with a pop of colour or texture with my socks. Next time I will include my feet.

I don’t wear a lot of make-up, sometimes none at all, but I love lipstick. I am wearing MAC’s Russian Red. I love MAC lipstick, it just goes on amazingly well, and there are an array of colours to suit every mood.

Now if only I had brushed my hair.

Happy Monday!

Quick note. I wanted to say thank you for the lovely support I got from my last post on Facebook and twitter.

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