Finding my own wedding outfit is a lot of fun, but I enjoy looking at options for other people’s outfits too. Even though I don’t have control over what anyone who isn’t in the wedding party wears, it’s still fun to look at other wedding outfits. 

It’s going to be a long, long time (hopefully!) before I’m the mother of the bride or groom getting married. But if that day comes in the distant future, I like to think I’m going to look pretty stylish. Although, who knows what’s going to be in fashion in twenty years or more! 

Today’s outfits for more mature ladies are already fashionable, so I’m sure I’m going to look great.Neither of us would dare tell our mothers what to wear, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to look at some ideas. If you’re not sure what to wear to your son or daughter’s wedding, here’s my advice.


Mum bride 

Big hats have become rather popular for weddings and if you ever need some inspiration look no further then the races at Ascot.

The knot

When you’re trying to choose an outfit, people often talk about picking something that flatters you. Of course, you might want to look good and highlight your best features. But feeling comfortable is important too. If a tight and frilly dress doesn’t feel like you, try and find something that’s more your style. Look at somewhere like Frox of Falkirk if you need to find plus sized outfits. They have timeless and sophisticated styles for women of all ages.

Check the Dress Code

The knot

Before you choose your outfit, make sure you understand the “feel” of the wedding. Sometimes it’s super formal and sometimes it’s a much more relaxed affair. You might be expecting to get very dressed up. But perhaps your son or daughter is imagining something much more laidback, where people might dress at about the level of going out for dinner. Maybe they’re even picturing a sandals on the beach kind of deal (although maybe not in the UK).

Consult with Others

The knot

You don’t need anyone else’s permission or approval, but sometimes it’s good to have reassurance. If you need some help choosing your outfit, ask someone you trust. That might be your daughter or even your son. Or it could be your partner, friend or sister.

Your child’s wedding is a special day for you too. Take the opportunity to treat yourself and get something new.