Mother’s Day Gift Ideas




1. Yoga Mat, Anthropologie. 2.Mothers Day Card, Etsy. 3.Colourful Scarf, Anthropologie. 4. Watch, Anthropologie.                  5. Desert Plate, Anthropologie. 6. Flowers, Rebel Rebel.


Mother’s day is coming up and I always worry that I am just getting the same old thing for my mum every year…box of chocolates, bath stuff..or Tesco flowers. So I thought I would do some extra research this time and get somthing a bit different.. My mum isn’t into yoga, but if your is  that yoga mat looks amazing, I would take up yoga full time if I had a mat like that. A lot of the gift ideas come from Anthropologie, which is a great place for gifts. It has such cute dainty and colourful things.. if I had the money I swear my entire house would be an Anthropologie catalogue.  Another awesome place is Rebel Rebel flowers, located in Hackney in London. I love this place, their arrangements are so funky and fresh, plus you can get some really cute arrangements which come in water cans…so awesome. They also do workshops too…man I’d love to do a workshop there or maybe organise one for you and your mum?

Anyway I hope I have given some ideas of how to spoil your mum this Mother’s day!

Til tomorrow!