Well it’s here, there’s no escaping it! We are officially well into 2016! Monday, a great day to start off your resolutions, if you didn’t start on the 1st. There’s something refreshing about a new year. It’s almost like you have a blank canvas, you can start again and try to achieve, if not match the goals you gave yourself last year. I think it’s safe to say this will probably be my 12th year of trying to be healthy….maybe 12th time lucky?!  If I do end up getting married this year, would be nice to have lost the baby weight!

Looking back on my goals for last year, I think it’s safe to say, I didn’t quite get as organised as I hoped….and regarding being happy…well it was a year filled with ups and downs. Being pregnant was hard, becoming a new mum, though completely amazing…it’s bloody hard. Plus I managed to do quite a lot of DIY’s last year too!

Anyway enough looking at the past, lets look to this year! Apart from attempting to be happy and maybe lose some weight, which I can imagine to be a common goal among many. I’d like to try to find a balance between home and life. The last couple of months saw me becoming a mummy, and Wooden Flamingo getting crazy busy with commissions and sponsored posts. Sods law really. But I love that my brand is growing. I just need to find a way to fit in Wooden Flamingo around Arch. One which doesn’t see my work hours starting in the evening and ending at midnight.

I want to be able to find peace and happiness in the little things. If what has happened in the news lately has taught me anything, it’s how bloody lucky I am, and I think I need to remember that more instead of getting jealous of others success and belongings. I find facebook to be an enabler of that. I find old friends going out drinking having fun while im changing dirty nappies and staying up late painting boards. But then I look at Arch, and I look at how far Wooden Flamingo has come.. it’s exciting! Watching Arch grow up before me, is unreal. I mean I created this little guy and he’s bloody amazing and I can’t wait to document his life on Wooden Flamingo.

It’s also good to remember that people rarely post the bad pictures, bad experiences, bad thoughts on facebook. The thing with social media it’s an edited version of your life..everyone has their own problems, struggles and jealousy! So I don’t feel too bad when my green-eyed monster comes out!


I feel like I want this year to be full of excitement, which with Arch around I know it will be! I want to be more creative, more productive and more understanding of my own limitations..Would be nice if in that I could learn time management and organisation so I could work, look after Arch, work out, cook fresh food and still be able to keep the house reasonably clean…too much??

I think this year may be the year of colour! I have finally started jotting down some ideas that have been buzzing round my mind the last year or so of products and projects I want to try out! Keep and eye out for FRI-YAY!

And lastly I’m thinking it’s a year for love.Hoping to marry Richard…if I ever get my ass into gear with planning (p.s organisation skills would come in handy here) , watching Arch grow, and hopefully learning to love myself…because everyone needs a bit of self-love sometimes…and yes this can involve a spa trip!


So here is to a 2016…already far better than 2015 as I don’t have any morning sickness! I hope you all have recovered from NYE, and let’s get this year started!

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