So after wanting and yearning for one of these beauts for a couple of years now, I have one. Thanks to the lovely Richard. I have my personalised Cambridge Satchel. From the amazing Cambridge Satchel Company.


Cambridge Satchel Company


As you can see, Richard made an excellent choice in picking green. But there are an array of colours, styles, designs and sizes to choose from. They also do other leather goods such as trunks and clutch bags. In a dream world I would quite like to have one in every colour. The designer series is to die for too. Honestly these beauties are worth every penny, they range in prices from £99.00 for the classic 11″ to £165.00 for the Harris Tweed Batchel with every colour or design in between. The only trouble you will have is deciding which one to get. My wish list for these gorgeous bags is endless but the Designer is my next one I think I would like to get. You can also personalise the bags with your initials, which cost £7.00 a letter, max £28.00 and fullstops are free.

Mine are done in gold but you can pick from black, silver, gold or blind. Such an awesome touch I think, having your initials, I feel slightly more important when I wear it, only slightly ha.. so here are a couple more pics of my bag, do take a look at the site, they are to die for and can been seen everywhere.






  1. Pat

    Your satchel looks even better in real life and looking forward to new unit being on show!!

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