My Christmas Wish list. Which other female’s may like too

This was a fun post to do, who doesn’t love browsing beautiful things. Now this isn’t just my wish list, I think there are items to attract many of you! So hopefully this will give you some extra inspiration, or links to shove in your partners inbox.


So on the expensive side, but how delicious is this pillow? From Anthropologie and at £98 you may need to suck up to your loved ones. Pretty though isn’t it. I mean it’s called a wish list for a reason…


Another one from Anthropologie this would look great at as statement piece in your it’s totally funky right? and at £22 thats a kind of price I like.


Ok aren’t these like the coolest pencils ever…I can already see them on my desk…so yes please Santa. From Anthropologie too and are £8.


You know how some people collect clocks, and some tea pots (pat..) I like stationary and notebooks. I won’t be content until I have a notebook for every day of the year…This is cute and the pencils would look awesome with it. From Anthropologie too and costs £16.


Ok so I am in love with Kate Spade, especially the stationary collection. But it can be expensive especially from Selfridges, which does the best range. I got a notebook from a stationary shop in Blue Water called Papier Jolie I think and the notebook cost me £6 in Selfridges it cost £10…So I think you need to shop around a bit. Kate Spade have a UK site, but I don’t think they have all the products on there..but this notebook is pretty awesome…With gold pattern designs on the sleeve this will make your friends jealous. So for £20, I’d totally buy this from here and yes it’s another note book.




After dropping my phone during the ‘exhaust falling off debacle’, I have decided I need a case, and this one ticks all the boxes, from Kate Spade again, its super cool and fits iPhone 5 but will set you back £35.



A nice addition to a gallery wall. A handmade ampersand out of wire. Which is £31.48. They come in a few colours too but I think black is best. This is from Etsy.



Prosecco candle from Urban Outfitters. Yes please. This is £6.





A label maker…you know to label all your things…anyway this is £12. From Urban Outfitters. I think these are so cool. One of those things where you wouldn’t get bored of making random labels you know?


Anyway I hoe you enjoyed my wish list…rather long isn’t it…

never mind.


Bye all.