My desk chair needs a makeover.

As much as I would love a new office chair, which rotates, and reclines, I am instead using an old dinning chair. A chair in which needs more then a bit of touching up. So I have done what any sane person does when looking for ideas for a new project…I have spent about 4 hours on pinterest.


I love this look with just a block of colour to be seen, the only issue is my chair is a dark navy blue, and sanding it might not get the best outcome. Can’t find the source for this so you know the drill.


This might be a better approach, with block colour on different aspects of the chair, I am loving grey,blue and yellow at the moment, so I might combine these colours into my chair. Source.


I love dipped legs, and the studs look pretty awesome.I haven’t got a cushion on my chair so might think about creating one, but that might have to wait another day. Source.



Well this is awesome no? Do you think I am going to be able to incorporate all these elements into one chair, or is that way too much?? Well I am off to go paint my chair, hopefully it will work out perfectly…till tomorrow all.