My dream bathroom..for me and Arch

I was just thinking the other day that Arch will soon be sat up in the big tub in the bathroom. I know these cute days of the little baby bath are numbered. Soon he’ll be splashing about and playing with his bath toys. I’ll be stood there… soaked from the splashing and loving every second of it.

It has got me thinking about how drab and boring bathrooms are, though. They don’t tend to inspire happy playtimes or quality time with your children. Bathrooms are just so functional and not even slightly fun. Most are also just a boring white colour. Now I rent so there isn’t much I can do to change ours. But I think bathrooms should be just as stylish as the rest of your home, and if you have kids, be able to be a fun place for them too. I spoke about how I wanted to revamp my bathroom earlier in the year (well as much as I could without annoying the landlord). See some of my inspiration here. It’s something I am still working on, as the more pregnant I got the harder doing these things became and now they are on my to do list. which is never ending.

If I could, or when we finally buy and can, I think the bathroom would be something I would change without a doubt. Most bathrooms come just in plain whites and beiges. Instead I’d l think every surface should have vibrant colours and interesting things to catch Arch’s eye while he’s playing in the bath, but also a place where me and Richard can relax and have a somewhere that has dual purpose really.It never occurred to me I would be designing the entire house around a baby’s taste before I became a Mummy, and I’ll talk more about this another day.

So this is my dream bathroom inspiration.

Starting with the floor, I want colour, and pattern, and things for him to trace with his finger. I’ve seen some amazing cement tiles with patterns in every shape you can imagine. Best of all, the colours are really vibrant. Perfect for little eyes. I think they would look incredible on the floor. Bath mat sets are so bland, but it won’t matter if they’re sat on a floor as fascinating as that. So honestly check them out, they are to die for..and it kills me I can’t change the floor in our bathroom right now. I especially love the patchwork tiles they do below.


The walls of my bathroom are kind of half painted and half tiled. I’ve learned that kids can soak the ceilings and walls on the other side of the room just by splashing in the bath. This is where full tiled bathrooms would come in handy. I’d love to have tiles that are colourful and interesting.



Firstly yes yes yes to that shower! And secondly I am in love with subway tiles, especially as they have done a different approach here and fitted them vertical instead of horizontal! How awesome is that?



Black subway tiles, with dramatic art? Why not. remember it has to be functional for a baby, but relaxing for you too! Just have a draw filled with bath toys, and bright colours and I think you are on to a winner.




I love how colourful these tiles are, they are just so pretty right? These would be enough to entertain your baby while they are in the bath…as long as there are some rubber ducks in there too.


Now to the main event. The tub. I have always wanted is a roll-top free stander. They are just so one in a bright blue…would just be my absolute dream!



Like this..I am totally swooning over this tub right now…but I’m not fussy..a white one would do me just fine.


I love getting excited about making changes around the house for Arch, even if they are cosmetic just little ones here and there. He has completely changed my life since the moment he was born. Without a doubt, he will be the reason behind me completely changing the house over the next few months too!

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