Books-of-the-month-sept     Ok, so a couple of these I have had for a few years, and they are still up there with my favourites.

So clockwise we have:

Decorate With Flowers; Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring

We all know my love of all things floral, and this book paired with beautiful photography is just a beautiful book all over. Filled with amazing tips on how to fill your home with beautiful floral and funky arrangements, and how to take proper care with your flowers and herbs. It’s giving me sooo many ideas on flowers I’d like to be in the wedding too! Such a great book.

Take Care Of Yourself, Sophie Calle

This book will be loved by all women everywhere. After getting a break up email from her partner, which finishes with take care of yourself, Calle went about getting opinions from every walk of life, which has women in different professions giving their interpretation. Including, dance pieces, poems and analysis. Such a beautiful book, the exhibit was inspiring and Calle remains to be one of my utmost favourite artists.

Edie, Jean Stein

An icon in herself who died so young, Edie Sedgwick’s life is exploded in this account which included friends and family of the infamous Edie. Also looks into the 60’s pop art explosion with Andy Warhol. I’ve had this for a few years, and it’s an amazing read.

Yayoi Kusama 

Another artists whose work involves bursts of colour and patterns, this book is sure to inspire you through any kind of mental, creative or even emotional block. Her skills are variable excelling in sculpture, photography, video, collage and painting.

Design Bloggers At Home, Ellie Tennant

If your like me, and your dying to know what your favourite bloggers home looks like, then this is the book for you! filled with their favourite shops and even blogging tips too! This is a staple for any up and coming blogger to have on their desk, or even someone who just loves to read blogs, lets you become a little bit more nosy into their lives with gorgeous photography too!

The Hummingbird Bakery 

We know my love for cake, and this book is my favourite go to! With such amazing and delicious recipes, and so cheap this is a great for a cake lover!! This is also where I got the Lavender cupcake recipe from!

So there’s my books of the month, a couple which I have had for years!!   Have a lovely Friday and weekend all!!